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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Rib Cage Exercise 3

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>> At this point, you should have been
practicing wings for
at least one week and begun to see some
results, have you?
So now, we're ready to take the next step.
This next step is done in conjunction with
the prior rib cage exercise.
In other words, you'll be doing the second
rib cage exercise that
you've been practicing for at least one
week plus this one.
It's shorter, so it won't add a whole of
time to your practice routine.
But with this one, you're going to start
keeping those ribs expanded
while you're making some vocal sound and
we'll do it by just talking.
And to make it very simply, you'll be
counting to eight.
Keeping those ribs expanded and
you'll cycle through that repetition wise
a number of times,
which I'll tell you at the end and then
first let the ribs fall.
So again, you'll be counting, you'll be
expanding those ribs,
then you'll be counting to eight.
Keep those ribs expanded.
Take a breath.
Count to eight again.
Keep the ribs expanded.
Take a breath.
Count to eight again, a number of
repetitions and that will be one set,
then you let your ribs fall.
Take a moment break and repeat.
I'm gonna have Novi help me out again and
show you how this goes.
[LAUGH] Okay.
So we're not gonna use the arms to start,
you've been doing that of course with the
earlier exercise.
Now you're gonna go
direct for these guys.
I'll just move your hair aside and
right from here, you'll expand the ribs.
See that movement?
Let's do it again.
Lift out and up with the muscles.
Then you take a quick breath and count
slowly out loud to eight.
Go ahead.
>> One, two, three, four.
>> Notice there's a little pause after
each word.
>> Five, six, seven, eight.
>> Good.
Then you keep those ribs strong.
Take a new quick breath not a big one.
Count again.
>> One, two.
>> So we're using an.
Go ahead.
>> Three.
>> Natural speaking voice.
>> Four.
>> We're not dealing with projecting right
>> Five.
>> Mm-hm.
Just a little bit of vocal sound,
don't whisper though.
Keep going.
>> Six.
>> Yeah.
>> Seven, eight.
>> And you repeat, breath and count.
Thank you.
And then when you get to the end of the
repetitions, let those ribs fall.
[NOISE] See how that went?
>> Mm-hm.
>> Okay.
So, let's see.
Oh, yeah, the breath.
You probably noticed that I said, take a
quick, short breath.
That does not mean.
That does not mean.
[LAUGH] It's really short and quick and
the, well,
you'll be amazed at how much air you
actually get in, in that split second.
First, having the ribs expanded.
It makes the diaphragm way more powerful.
And so the amount of air that comes in, in
a tiny moment is more than
the amount when you're first unfurling
your ribs and pulling open your lungs.
It's really pretty magical and it has an
immediate application, by the way.
Which is, you know, when you're singing a
a lot of times you don't have much time to
take a new breath.
And if you have to take a long enough
often that means that you're behind the
beat when you start your phrase.
Using this method and this approach, you
can take a breath
in a split second and be right ready for
your entrance.
No problem, all calm, cool and collected.
So, now [COUGH] we're gonna go right into
me coaching and
I'll say, things as you count.
>> Mm-hm.
>> But you just keep on going.
>> Keep going.
>> And what I'd like you to do is follow
along with this.
So here comes the coaching.
Stand on both feet.
Again, head is level not lifting up or
pushing down.
Think from the sides of your back.
And however, you wanna think of it, push
out from side to side.
Lift up from side to side.
Hold it there.
Stomach relaxed if it's tight.
Take in a quick breath through your open
>> One, two, three,
four, five.
>> Six, seven,.
>> And I'm gonna move you along, right
>> Eight.
>> Good.
Keep those ribs strong, all the way back.
Go, breath.
>> One.
>> Keep these strong right here.
>> Two, three, four.
>> Side to side.
>> Five, six.
>> These are like your wings and you're
lifting those wings.
>> Seven, eight.
>> Shoulders relaxed, ribs stong.
Quick breath in through your mouth.
>> One, two, three, four, five.
>> Nice calm speaking voice.
>> Six, seven,.
>> No projection.
>> Eight.
>> Don't whisper.
Strengthen, quick breath through your
>> One, two, three.
>> Good.
>> Four.
>> Yep.
>> Five, six.
>> Uh-huh.
>> Seven.
>> Good.
>> Eight.
>> Good.
Strengthen, mouth open, quick breath and
>> One, two, three.
>> Yep.
>> Four.
>> Keep it going.
>> Five.
>> Keep working on this.
>> Six, seven, eight.
>> Good.
Keep your attention on those ribs.
Strengthen if you need to.
Quick breath in through your mouth and
>> One, two.
>> If your stomach is tight.
>> Three.
>> Strengthen the sides.
>> Four.
>> And let your stomach go.
>> Five, six, seven.
>> Shoulders, a good last one.
Strengthen, breathe, count.
>> One, two, three.
>> Keep it coming.
>> Four, five, six, seven, eight.
>> Good.
Now let your ribs fall.
Thank you.
>> Sure.
>> Okay.
So this exercise, I want you to start off
just doing
five repetitions, then let your ribs fall.
Take two minutes.
Five repetitions.
Let your ribs fall.
Five repetitions.
Let your ribs fall, you know, you're gonna
take a break after each, these are sets.
Four, what I'm gonna call mini sets.
See a full set is ten repetitions, but I
don't want to, you know,
exhaust you all at once here.
So we're gonna build up.
You'll do four mini sets, two minute rest
each repetition of, you know, five
And then when you feel ready to take into
three full sets,
ten repetitions each, do so.
Sometimes, it can only take like a say,
three to four days of
doing the mini sets and then the muscles
have awakened enough and
you feel like you've sorted out some
things and
you have enough stamina to be able to do
three full sets.
At this point in your practice
routine you'll be practicing daily
the rib cage exercise two and the new one,
rib cage exercise three, together as a
So you start off doing this one, right,
keeping the ribs expanded,
count to six, count to six, and the
breaths, you've been practicing that one.
You'll do three sets of ten as you have
take another little break after your third
And then go right into this next exercise
where you're directly expanding the ribs
using their muscles, your, the muscles of
the sites like we just went over.
Starting off with four mini sets, that's
five repetitions per set, four of them.
So you do rib cage exercise two, then take
a break.
Rib cage exercise three, starting off with
four mini sets, and
then when you're ready, simply graduate to
three full sets.
That's ten repetitions of counting to
eight, ten times.
Then letting the ribs relax.
Take a break, next set, take a break, next
set, you're done.
All together, this is going to take, once
you're, you've gotten things, you know,
coordinated with the new exercise, it'll
take between 30 to 40 minutes.
As you get better with it, probably it'll
be closer to a half hour.
Again, please do this as early in the day
as possible.
I know how it can go.
The day can get kinda crazy.
You get to the end, you're exhausted.
Ready to go to bed.
Oops, I need to do my rib cage exercises.
So try to get them done early and again
just as a reminder.
The more consistent you are, the more you
stay on track with the details,
referring back to the video lessons to
remind you of details,
cuz as you get familiar with it, you'll be
ready for, oh yeah, this little detail.
Wow, that's cool, that, that helped, you
know, so stay in touch with that.
And it will be a matter of weeks and
you'll have this technique really under
your belt, so
to speak, and you'll be able to apply it
to singing and
then I'll wean you off of these exercises
you'll just keep those muscles active as
you apply them to your singing
to great result, that's how it'll go