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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Moving Forward in this Program

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So, the next couple of weeks I would say,
two to three weeks, are real important
ones for
you as you practice those two rib cage
But, while you've put that into your daily
included in doing any vocal warm ups as
much on a daily basis as you can,
you are in fact, able to take a look at
of the video lessons in the next section,
up to the point where I start getting into
vocal exercises with you.
At that stage, I'll let you know that this
is what you have,
need to have accomplished in order to be
ready to start the vocal exercises.
But again, while you're getting your daily
practice in,
if you as well have time to take a look at
any of the videos from this point forward,
up to the vocal exercises, you're welcome
to do that cuz I cover some
other information that I'm sure will be of
interest to you.
Additionally, when you feel ready, and
you've practiced these ribcage
exercises enough to really go through the
changes that they will give you.
And, you've looked at other student
video submissions where on these same
exercises, I've given critiques and
maybe certain points that I give someone
else will be pertinent to you.
When you feel like you've really gotten
things under your belt and you want to,
you are welcome to send me a video of
yourself doing two repetitions
of rib cage exercise two and a mini-set,
that's five reps
of doing the, the third rib cage exercise
where you count out loud to eight.
And at that point, I'll give you your own
personalized feedback.
But, do give yourself enough time to
practice it and
know that you are going to be going
through changes.
And, as long as you stay in touch with the
instructions and take a look at the other,
the other student submissions to apply any
tips to yourself.
I want you to give yourself enough time
before you send me in any videos.
All right.
Thanks so much.