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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Rib Cage Exercises…How Much Longer?

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By now, I expect that you have been
practicing the ribcage exercises two and
three for more than just a few weeks.
And along with your vocal exercises in
implementing the ribcage
expansion technique with them, you should
be pretty strong and
getting close to the end, ta-da, of not
having to do them anymore.
And over this recent period of time, you
might have been wondering when
do you get to stop them and what are you
looking for as the final goal with them.
So I'm here to tell you, these are the
You need to be able to keep those ribs
expanded, comfortably.
No tension in shoulders, no tension in the
not feeling any tension in the chest.
Just getting it from the back of the
Not here, but a little further back so
that, that back feels nice and wide
side-to-side and
that you're able to actually employ the
rib cage expansion as you're singing.
I would say going from exercise to vocal
let's say a period of about 25 to 30
minutes without any
tiring of those muscles, without the ribs
falling as you're singing,
and without engaging the stomach muscles.
On the other hand, there may be just a
little bit of stomach tension
that creeps in from time to time, but the
goal would be at this stage,
to be able to keep those ribs well
And if you notice that the stomach, or
when you notice that the stomach gets a
little tight,
you should be able to keep those ribs
strong and just let the belly relax.
At this point, even though I've been
simply coaching you on different
vocal exercises, I do expect that you're
doing some song singing
on your own, because, I mean, that's what
it's all about, right?
Singing songs.
If you haven't, if you've been waiting for
my direction to start singing songs, here
it is now.
The vocal exercises are to advance and
enhance your voice and
your vocal capabilities as we've
So I want you to experience that in the
context of singing songs.
If you're already a professional singer,
if you're gigging, rehearsing and
such, of course, you would be doing that
as part of your regular life routine.
But for those of you who are more on the
start up end,
it is important to keep singing songs.
Because that's where the enjoyment really
And the more you're exercising, the better
your voice will be, and
the more fun it will be.
In terms of moving on, rib cage exercise
wise, as long as you
can expand the ribs well and comfortably
during about 30 minutes of vocalizing, and
you've begun implementing the expansion of
your ribs while you're singing songs,
and it's something that you're starting to
really feel at work,
when you're singing and it doesn't require
a whole lot of thought.
Then you would be ready to move on to the
final rib cage exercise and
begin diminishing the other two exercises,
rib cage exercises two and
three that you've been practicing.
Pretty soon in this curriculum, you'll
find a reference section called
phasing out of the rib cage exercises and
your final rib cage exercise.
In that section, I go through the goals
again, make sure that you've
achieved them and, if so, then I teach you
a final exercise, and I tell you how to
begin tapering off of the other two until
it's no longer part of your routine.
The final rib cage exercise
also will not be something you'll be doing
for a particularly long period of time.
It just puts the last elements into the
security of your rib
cage expansion technique and your ability
to apply it,
not just be able to do it, but apply it
and get all the results from it.
So I hope I've answered your questions
that have been swimming around in your
head about what about these rib cage
And now let's take your next step.