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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Song Performance Video Submission Guidelines

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When I'm in a recording studio
producing a, a vocalist on an album, or
I'm being brought in to do performance
development for
an artist, the first thing that I look for
is their performance.
I'm not looking for technicality, I'm
looking for
how connected is the singer with the song.
How much are they actually able to deliver
the passion,
the belief in what they're saying, and get
that across.
The technical details are just that,
they're details.
In this section of work, the performance
of the song
is what I want, and what I'm helping you
with as you know.
So, I want at this stage to receive a song
performance from you.
My suggestions for that, is to find a song
that you,
first of all, really believe in, you've
gone through all the steps
that are in this section, and you've
warmed up your voice first.
Don't sing it for me cold.
[LAUGH] Warm your voice up, and then
the song like the camera that you're
singing it to, is the audience.
And you really wanna get it across to me,
cuz I'm in there.
I'm the other person, I'm looking at you.
You know what I look like now, so sing it
to me.
And let me embody a, a,
an audience that can't wait to hear what
you have to say,
and really wants to get it, deliver it
that way.
Stand back from the camera a bit, so that
I can see you.
If you're gonna use a track, to back
yourself up, that's fine.
But see if you can play it in the
background, not on your computer
because it'll be too loud to the speakers
that you're also singing in.
See if you can play it on your iPod, your
iPhone, your stereo system,
something like that, so it's further back
in the room.
And then bring it to me, sing me that
song, and I can't wait to get it.