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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Instructions: Audition Preparation

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If you've been going through the video
lessons in the audition section here,
I'll take that to mean either that you're
just simply curious,
or you've had auditions, and you will have
Or you're getting ready for a very
specific audition.
And, of course, there's many kinds of
Let me work with you on the audition song
as well as how you're singing the song.
Now remember, ordinarily when you go for
an audition,
you're only singing part of a song.
So let's say you're getting ready for an
audition, you should already,
or before you send me choices, list them
out for yourself.
If there's any information you need to get
from whomever you're auditioning for,
whatever show you're auditioning for, get
that information first.
Cuz I want this to be real.
I don't wanna just do a pretend thing.
Find out are there any regulations.
Or are they giving you a song list that
you have to choose from.
How long of a song, are you, do you, from
the song, do you need, are you just doing,
you know, like, 20 seconds, 60 seconds, 90
And then choose what part of whatever
songs you're gonna do.
You can actually put them on the same
video, but let's try to limit
the video exchange here for no more than
about four minutes.
So you might be able to get several songs
Just let me know what you're auditioning
for first.
And any quick information about it, so
that when I'm hearing you sing, I know
what I need to know.
[LAUGH] So that I'm helping you make the
best choices, and
then I'll guide you to get these audition
songs ready for your audition.