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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: The Many Different Kinds of Auditions

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There is many different kinds
of auditions as I'm sure you know.
Reality tv shows, online competitions,
there is more and more of those.
Band auditions as lead singer.
Band auditions as a back up singer.
There's choirs, church choirs and other
types, that are more classical often.
Or specific to a season like Christmas
where different choirs you know,
are formed to go around and sing Christmas
carols or whatever.
That's fun.
There's choruses, such as Sweet Adeline's
International, and
of course there's are musical theater
where you can either audition either as a
lead, or as a singer in the chorus.
How to find these auditions is the next
I mean, you can know that there are these
then how in the world do you discover
where they are?
So here's some tips.
There is an excellent, excellent magazine
that's all about music and supplies.
Singers and musicians of all kinds with
incredible information.
I love this magazine.
Can you tell?
It's called Music Connection and
you can find them online as
They have a hard copy magazine that you
can can subscribe to,
but they also have a digital version
that's gorgeous.
It's put together, it's just really,
really cool the way they have it.
Put together with the pages turning and
It's really nice.
It's all in color.
And they also have a new section
that is all about musicians being able to
find each other and audition listings.
And then they send out a special thing
each week.
That lists specific auditions that are
coming up,
job opportunities in the music industry.
They're an amazing informative source.
Use them.
Now there's also for, for musical theater,
there's backstage website.
It, that's the name of it backstage.
And they list a lot of different
I think primarily they deal with L.A. and
New York.
So if you live in other areas and
the audition is a really cool one and you
wanna get into it, you might have to fly.
Isn't that terrible?
To either LA or New York.
There's also, of course, the street, the
Screen Actors Guild and
that's SAG.
That's what they call themselves, but it's
Screen Actors Guild.
And the Actors Equity Association, which
is known as AEA.
And they often have auditions for
non-equity as well as equity.
That's for, music, musical theater.
I'm hoping that wherever you live, there
are music stores somewhere near you and
they often have bulletin boards.
You can also talk to the sales people
there because usually nine times out of
ten, the sales people in a music store
also are musicians and
they know other musicians.
And we start getting into the beauty of
networking and the importance of it.
So, you gotta like people,
to talk to people and find out what are
they into, what are they doing.
And then from there just kind of roll it
forward and
let them know you're a singer and you're
looking for whatever you're looking for.
And see if you can just use your
interaction with people to network and,
it might not be the person you're talking
to, but maybe they know somebody who
knows somebody, and it just rolls forward
like that.
People like helping each other usually.
Of course, you also have any local
newspapers that may hopefully deal with
Or any kind of classified sections that
are in a local magazine that, that's in
your area.
Sometimes they allow you to put in a free
you know, that you're a singer looking for
a band and that type of thing.
Also Craigslist, online frequently lists
different types of musician auditions.
And then there's any music schools that
are in your area,
which can be small ones, large ones,
doesn't matter.
See if they have, not only bulletin boards
where you can post something but
hang, hear, hear some music there.
Meet people, see if anybody's looking for
what you're interested in.
If anybody's looking for
a singer [LAUGH] doing the kind of music
that you're into and wanna do.
Also, clubs have bulletin boards, usually.
But they also have people there, so you
can go and hang and
talk and see what kind of networking you
can achieve there.
There's also musician rehearsal studios
that if there are any in your area,
they often have bulletin boards and they
also have musicians there.
So once again, it's a networking
Online, there are musician referral sites.
And you can just do an internet search
under musician referral or
band auditions, or just come up with some
different terms.
Try them out, and do some searches.
Open mics and
local talent shows are another way of
meeting other people and getting heard.
They are not for the purpose for
auditioning, but a lot of times
there are people who are sitting in the
audience or in some way or another.
Participating with the production of the
open mic, or
the local talent show and they hear you
Especially the open mics in like karaoke
They'll hear you sing and you come off the
stage and they give you your card, a card.
And they're like, wow I really like your
voice and, you know, I do this and that.
And play it cautious.
You know, do some research on anybody who
presents themselves.
See if there's any kind of internet
presence that they have.
And you can read about them if they say
that they're a manger,
or a talent scout, or something.
Get their card, don't give them your phone
number yet and research them first.
You can give them maybe your email
address, but
definitely research them first.
A lot of them are totally legitimate.
Some of them aren't so that's I'm, I'm
saying be cautious.
Do your research, and then if you think
that they are a cool person.
Contact them, and you can take it from
Now there's also a lot of song writer
groups in many different locations around
the world and
you can find them again by an internet
The reason why I bring up songwriter
groups is because
there's a lot of songwriters who write
songs, but they don't sing.
And they need singers to demo their, their
songs for various reason.
So, it's a really great way of meeting
other people, getting yourself heard,
and also getting some recording
experience, if you don't have any yet.
If you do have recording experience,
You might be able to strike a deal with
the songwriter.
As long as you like what they're writing
and you think you sound good singing it,
you could strike up a deal where, not only
do they pay you something for
doing it, and, or maybe instead you get a
demo back
with a written agreement that you won't
sell the song, cause it's not your song.
But you can use it as a calling card if
you don't have anything recorded to be
able to give to somebody and say, okay,
well, here's a,
here's a demonstration of how I sound
singing this kind of style.
And, sometimes doing, doing that sort of
networking actually is a first step
towards auditioning.
Somebody wants to hear.
Well do you have anything on wherever,
you know, Myspace or, or any,
you know, of the social media areas and
you can go yeah, here's the URL for it.
Just listen to me singing this song, or
here's a CD of me singing a few songs.
And then they listen and they go, oh,
okay, cool, you know,
you're doing something what we're in to.
How about let's hook something up and do,
do it live.
You also have the right to ask for
a demo, from a group that you're
interested in singing with.
Or you think it's a possibility.
How do you know, until you actually hear
So, here's another way of empowering
is to hear what's going on before you go.
Okay, so there's also local reality TV
You know, in Korea, there's the K-pop
reality TV show,
and K-pop, which means Korean Pop, is
really cool.
So if you are Korean or of Asian descent
and K-pop is something you wanna do,
in fact, I know two singers from America
who somehow ended up getting into K-pop.
I don't really know how they're doing that
but [LAUGH] it's,
it's very cool music and there's a lot of
really great songs that are being written.
And mostly being sung in Korean but
sometimes it's goes back and
forth with English it kinda mixed
In Europe, there's a lot of reality TV
shows or
actually for example X Factor started
off in Europe and then got picked up.
And Simon Cowell, this past year, put it
into the American audience.
But there's a number of them actually, and
one of them is in England.
And in fact there's even one in, in let's
Germany, there's a number of different
countries and they have their own thing.
So you get to sing in your, in your home,
native language, because the whole show is
that way.
So, so there's a lot of opportunities.
The bottom line though is to know what you
want, what you're looking for,
what your priorities are, what things can
you compromise on,
and what things are you unwilling to
compromise on.
And getting yourself prepared,
staying empowered with your decisions, and