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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Recuperating IF You Don’t Win

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Winning an audition
doesn't always mean
that you get the part.
Winning from an audition can take on a
bigger meaning.
It could mean that you've learned
something, that you have received some
aspects of critique that if applied, will
help you get better.
It can give you that kick in the, in the
[LAUGH] that motivates you to practice
aspects that
you hadn't practiced before and be that
much better and that much more prepared.
It can clue you in to the things that you
want to put on your list of things that I
like, things that I don't like.
And make better choices as the next days,
weeks, months, years, move forward.
It can help you to learn more about
to find out what elements in yourself
others respond best to.
And what elements, perhaps, in yourself
you need to pay a little more
attention to and work on adjusting and
becoming a more warm and giving person.
So I want to say that
when you go to an audition, use it as a
learning experience.
Do it to share a song.
Do it to expose yourself to new elements
in life.
It's a building, a character building
experience, if you use it that way.
If you really wanna win like winning
American Idol or
getting on to the top 12 in the finals and
make it into the semifinals,
whatever, then make sure that you are
doing everything you can.
And if you don't get the part or you don't
pass and become
the American Idol of the year or whatever,
it's not always because you're bad.
Sometimes, you know, in, in, in theater
for example,
the director and the casting directors,
they have certain things in mind.
They have their own agenda, and they're
looking for someone who fits that agenda.
The ones who don't, well it just doesn't
mean that they're bad,
it just means that they don't fit the
So often, one opportunity leads to the
next as long as you use it that way.
On the other hand, you could use it in
terms of having it totally cave you in.
Oh my God, I really wanted this, I didn't
get it.
And [NOISE] down the tubes you go.
And then you, what do you, what happens?
You stop practicing.
You stop looking for other alternatives
and other possibilities.
You don't use that experience for further
networking, et cetera.
And you just end up wasting not only what
you've done to prepare so far, but
you've taken on a wrong message.
And you've let that wrong message get
under your skin.
Certainly if you don't choose to prepare
properly and
you go to an audition in mind of, I'm
gonna make it past the first round and
all this, but you're not really prepared,
then that's silly.
And that would be unreal, unrealistically
putting a goal there that
you in fact have not put the time and the
energy in to backing up.
So be real with yourself.
And I'm here to help you, of course.
So if you want my feedback on whether I
think you're ready, then
all you have to do is submit a short video
to me of you performing an audition piece,
that you've named as an audition piece.
There's an expression which is, when you
fall off a horse,
the best remedy is to get back on the
My mother was in the theater all my life,
and most of hers.
[LAUGH] And she was a director, and she
use to say that when I was in a show,
before I did that show I had to put
something in the calendar.
That I would be looking forward to as, as
an artist,
that would happen at least within about a
week after the show ending.
So that I never ended a show and
then life was zero again, or that's how it
would feel.
I would always have the next thing to be
working towards.
I'd give myself a little rest, and then
I'd continue.
That's a great way of ensuring that you
get back on the horse if
you've not made it past the first round in
an audition, or
not had the band say, yeah, we want you as
the lead singer for this band.
Always have something else that you've put
on your calendar
to continue working towards.
And even if you don't feel like it, do it.
And as you do the prep work, your spirits
come back and
bloom again, and you're riding that horse.
Remember to learn from your experiences.
Singing is about communicating.
Sharing your songs and their meaning and
giving other people whatever you intend to
give them,
hopefully a positive thing.
[LAUGH] And lift their lives by the fact
of hearing you sing, and
experiencing your performance.
This is a wonderful element of give and
take in life.
And that, I would urge you to remember as
your motivation.
This is why you're doing it, not to be
praised, not to be famous.
And fame by the way, really,
as I see it, is to share your music to
more people,
just like recording is to get your songs
So you can move more people than you can
just singing one concert,
and one concert, and one concert, or show,
or one song, or whatever.
It's a way of, of, of getting your
messages out more broadly.
That's all that fame really is.
Yeah, it also says that people like you.
But why would someone like you,
cuz you liked them first, cuz you gave
something to them.
And the power of the song is quite