ArtistWorks Online Bass Lessons Reviews


Nathan East - Electric Bass Lessons

"I am truly amazed by this site." -Nikki

"Great Community for me to learn from no matter where I am is outstanding. Learning from a legend and with some of the most talented people out there is priceless." - Kev

John Patitucci - Jazz Bass Lessons

"The video exchanges are so helpful. Thanks to everyone who has submitted something. Combined with John's lessons and individual responses, this is such a great and challenging learning experience." - Trey

"I really like John's enthusiasm, his talent, his caring attitude, and his musical brilliance. I think it's probably helpful to people that he refers to the basic theory underlying the music as well." - Deirdre

Missy Raines - Bluegrass Bass Lessons

"I'm glad I did this, I was doing a lot of things wrong, bad technique. I got a long way to go, but I am enjoying looking through beginners eyes again. So far, the lessons are great. I really love having them all on video. I watch them over and over and it really starts to sink in. She is very good about responding to your video clips with a video response of her own. I would totally recommend this for anyone starting out no matter if it's bluegrass or jazz or rockabilly that you want to play. She gets you set in on the proper technique that will help way down the road."