Free Beginner Guitar Lessons Now Available!

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 2:52pm
Written by AW
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Now you can access a brand new series of beginner guitar lessons for free! This easy-to-follow, step-by-step program offers high-definition video lessons that walk you through the fundamentals of learning acoustic guitar - including all the essential guitar chords, picking, strumming, easy acoustic guitar songs, and much more.  Taught by the great guitarist Scott Law, Acoustic Guitar 101 is the perfect way to get you playing fast! 

Acoustic Guitar 101’s thoughtfully constructed series of 87 self-paced lessons lead you through a series of sequential exercises designed to help you to enjoy the learning process. The online school also provides complimentary practice charts, looping functionality, a metronome and more. We've seen the random scatter-shot YouTube videos and the "free" lesson sites that give you a few videos, only to hound you into a paid course. We thought we could do better.

ArtistWorks is known for its unique Video Exchange™ Feedback Platform, where an average music or art lover can learn by submitting practice videos and receiving video feedback from world-renowned teaching artists like Paul Gilbert, Nathan East, Bryan Sutton, Martin Taylor, Jason Vieaux, Andreas Oberg, Andy Hall and others.  Acoustic Guitar 101 is our way of helping to expand the joy of making music to beginners everywhere.  And as beginners move on into jazz, bluegrass, rock, classical or any of the genres offered through ArtistWorks’ successful Video Exchange™ guitar schools, they'll know where to get access to personalized feedback from some of the most impressive players in the guitar world.

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