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Sep 11

Martin was joined by the amazing Swedish jazz guitarist Ulf Wakenius for two shows at the Islay Jazz Festival.

Martin and Ulf have been working together as a duo quite regularly over the past few years in Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia and plan more shows in 2017.

Ulf toured with Oscar Peterson for 10 years and has also worked with jazz greats Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny.

Check out Ulf's website at

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Aug 25

Hey folks, 

I put this in the Shout Box earlier but some may have missed it. This is a nicely produced video from the folks at Martin Guitar: "The Ballad of the Dreadnought"

martin dreadnought guitar doc

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Aug 24

It is with sadness that we hear of the passing of the great Irish jazz guitarist Louis Stewart.

Louis first came to prominance in the 1960's as a member of the Tubby Hayes Quintet, before joining Ronnie Scott's band and playing regularly at Ronnie's club in London.

In the early 70's he toured Europe with the Benny Goodman Orchestra and also played on several George Shearing albums.

In the mid 80's he toured as a guitar duo with Martin Taylor and they recorded an album together called Acoustic Duets. (Here's a link). His association with Martin Taylor led to him touring alongside Martin with the legendary Stephane Grappelli for one UK tour in 1986.

Louis worked ocassionally in Norway with Norwegian jazz musicians, but laterly rarely strayed too far from his beloved Ireland where he played a regular jazz gig once a week in a Dublin pub.

He was a truly great jazz guitarist who never fully received the recognition his talent deserved, but fortunately his catalogue of recordings will ensure that his music lives on.

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Aug 19

jazz guitar scales and modes

Maybe you've heard about them, maybe not. But if you want to play jazz guitar with the best of them, sooner or later you'll need to spend some serious time learning your scales and modes. So you might as well get started, it can only help! Not only that, but after you spend enough time playing jazz guitar scales you'll realize why they're so important. 

Aug 16

I certainly appreciate all the Japanese guitar magazines that have featured me over the years, but I must admit that I'm pretty excited to read the new issue of Guitar Player Magazine (since it's printed in a language that I can read!) All those Japanese magazine photo sessions did teach me to hold my guitar upright so the headstock doesn't get cut out of the photo. And of course I haven't "abandoned" shred. I just make sure that it's not the only topping on my rock and roll pizza. 

Thank you,


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