May 14

artistworks on periscopeGood news: we are starting to live stream recording sessions with our artists who come to our studio. Using the Periscope App, we'll be broadcasting live whenever we have a special guest in our recording studio to record new lessons. 

If you follow us on Twitter @artistworks, you may have noticed a couple weeks back that we had Mike Block in recording cello lessons (be sure to get on the mailing list for updates). Mike is back this week to record more and today we're be streaming some of the material on bluegrass cello. Watch live on Periscope @artistworks or follow us on Twitter for the link!

May 12

Now that I'm home and getting ready to record my new solo album, I thought I'd build a pedalboard of essential tones. This line-up features three different overdrive/distortion pedals... my always reliable TC Electronic MojoMojo and MXR Distortion Plus, and more saturated tones from the Way Huge Fat Sandwich. The MXR Phase 90 and Fulltone Deja-Vibe give me a couple choices of swirly sounds. The TC Electronic Alter Ego Vintage Delay is there for some warm slap. And a TC PolyTune Mini and Custom Audio Buffer keep me in tune and keep my bypassed signal strong, respectively. On the "island" pedalboard, are my Ditto Looper, Keeley Loop (an effect loop pedal, that I use as an A/B box, and a Foot Bass stomp pedal.) A blue sandbag turned out to be a good solution for keeping my stomp pedal from sliding around. (It's attached to the board with Velcro.)

One quick note from my European Clinic Tour:

My "Beyond Stereo" pedalboard worked great in the controlled environment of my studio, but when I got it out on the road, I found that using three amps caused unsolvable hum problems. I rewired it to work for two amps, and that worked better, but still had some small hum in certain venues. So as you can see above... I'm back to mono!

Thank you,


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Apr 26

Hey all,

A little update from the road. I just spent 4 great days in Switzerland writing w DJ Antoine for his next album together w Mad Mark and Yannis. Antoine is a huge name on the European DJ scene with a string of hit songs like "Ma Cherie" and he is also a judge of the German Idol show. 4 exciting songs were created together and it was a great hang  

This week I also had another Nr 1 in Japan (my 11th total on the single/album charts combined), this time w the boyband Johnny's West. The mini album has sold around 80k so far during the first week and there's still a shot a gold record. The song "Party Maniacs" that I co-wrote is included on the album. Glad it finally found a home!  This week I also had two songs on the 1st mini album by the Korean band "Oh my Girl". Thx to my hard working publishers partners in Japan, Germany and Korea. More 2 come soon, now back to the studio :)

Have a great Sunday!

Apr 21

Jason Vieaux, fresh off his GRAMMY win, was in the ArtistWorks studio recently to record new Sor studies (among other things) for his online students. You can see a list of the new classical guitar lessons below, but while he was here we also took some time to discuss recordings from some of the 20th century's greatest classical guitarists. We showed Jason some records which we like to listen to in the office and recorded his natural reaction. You can clearly see how much this music means to Jason, and how influential many of these classical guitar recordings remain to this day. 

Apr 17

Aspiring guitarists often hear about the importance of guitar scales for learning how to improvise. In jazz in particular, we so often hear things like "scales go with chords", "we have to practice scales", and "which scale goes with DMaj7#11(add #9)?" – but what does it all mean? To become fluent musicians and improvisers we must develop our understanding of all guitar scales to a high level, but let's first look at some fundamentals.

In the lesson called "Introduction to Constructing Scales" from the Online Jazz Guitar School with Chuck Loeb, we have a very helpful review of how guitar scales fit into the scheme of things. Chuck goes over how to build a major scale, which as he mentions, is paramount because we relate all other guitar scales to the major scale. Ex 1

guitar scales exercise 1

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