Dec 11

blues guitar lessons with keith wyatt

We are excited to announce that blues guitar lessons with Keith Wyatt are now available! Starting today, anyone around the world can learn blues guitar from Keith Wyatt (Musicians Institute, The Blasters). Keith's comprehensive blues guitar lessons take you from beginner to advanced and give you everything you need to know in order to master blues guitar. 

The best part though, is that Keith's students will be able to send in practice videos directly through the site using ArtistWorks' Video Exchange® technology. Keith will personally review the student videos and record video responses with advice about what to practice next in order to progress their playing. All of the blues guitar students have access to Keith's Video Exchanges, so there's always something new to learn. 

"We now welcome extraordinary blues guitar teacher Keith Wyatt to the ArtistWorks family. Keith created a definitive electric blues guitar curriculum, starting by teaching the earliest blues styles and culminating in the driving blues techniques of players like Stevie Ray Vaughn. It's all there, presented in a step-by-step method energized by ArtistWorks' Video Exchange learning approach. We welcome guitarists from around the world to take their blues to a higher level." - David Butler, ArtistWorks Co-Founder

To learn more and to check out free sample lessons, visit

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Dec 11

GRAMMYsWe are thrilled to have seven ArtistWorks artists nominated for GRAMMYs this year! This is definitely a record for the most nominated in a single year, although many have won in the past. We're proud of all of them and so to honor these fine musicians, here’s a look at the different albums nominated from our artists this year. 

Dec 10

essential blues guitarists

As a teacher, I am frequently asked "Which blues guitar players should I listen to?" To be an educated player it is essential to be aware of primary influences (in this case, focusing on the electric blues tradition) - so I’ll give you some opinions, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are many more than I mention who have also made important contributions to the style.

My own education in blues guitar began in the most typical way - I was inspired by the then-new generation of blues-rock icons such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page and became curious about how they developed their sound, which led me back in time to the beginning of the electric blues era in the early 1940s and ultimately to the dawn of recorded blues in the early 1920s. The farther back I went, the stranger the music sounded compared to the “modern” players I was familiar with, but I also began to hear the threads that connected them all and to develop a sense of how every player along the line drew on common elements and added their personal twist, creating an ever-expanding vocabulary of phrasing, technique, sound, and style.

Here are a few guitarists, in more-or-less chronological order (including two acoustic predecessors), who had a significant role in developing modern electric blues and blues-rock styles.

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Dec 8

After several recording projects in my studio and a round-the-world Mr. Big tour, I finally have some time to clean up, and get ready for some high-quality production VEs!

I still have to hang up my trusty blue backdrop. And the power supply for my video camera is hiding from me. But I've got the audio wired up, and my favorite gear ready to rock. Pictured here are a pair of 1-watt JTM Marshalls, a 70s Ibanez Flying V copy, and if you look very closely... my green kazoo. I'll still be shooting VEs from home as well, just to prove that rock guitar can happen anywhere.

Bend mightily, and I look forward to hearing everyone play!

Thank you,


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Dec 8


I'm happy to announce the new Christmas EP "Christmas Dream" by popular Swedish singer Andreas Weise.

I co-wrote all 4 songs together with Fredrik Hult and Dan Sundquist. The style is swing and American 50's music and on this album I play both guitar and piano + singing the background vocals together with the others.

I have two guitar solos, on "Holiday Honeymoon" and "Christmas Dream". Check it out and get into that Christmas spirit!

Regards Andreas