Jun 18

I was looking at some photos from the last Mr. Big Japan tour, and this one stood out to me. What could I be thinking?

"I nailed Eric's mic stand to the floor before the show!"

"I just crushed up some dried hot peppers to put on my pizza... and then rubbed my eyes. Youch!"

"I think I'll play 'To Be With You' with full-on distortion tonight."

"What is the name of that actor who was dating Madonna when she did that movie... Uhggh! This is going to drive me crazy!"

I can't remember what I was actually thinking. But whatever it was... It made a good Rock Face!

Thank you,


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Jun 11

I'm having a truly great time in the studio, making my new solo album. Kevin Shirley is producing, and is inspiring my band and me to give our best performances. We rarely do more than three takes of a song, and results of this high pressure method of recording are fantastic. We've completed seven new songs in just four days of recording. This includes solos, lead vocals, and harmonies. I did a ferocious Makita drill solo in a song today, just for fun. But the way this album is going... everything is fun. We've also got a pro video guy shooting just about everything, so we'll have some great footage when it's all done. By the way, the band is Tony Spinner and Freddie Nelson on guitars and vocals, Kevin Chown on bass and vocals, Thomas Lang on drums, and of course myself on guitar and vocals. We've still got more time in the studio and more songs to record. I can't wait to finish, and unleash some rock on the world!

Thank you,


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Jun 10

martin taylor guitar retreats

I just wanted to let you all know that there are still just a few places available on my next three Guitar Retreats in New York, Italy, and California.

My New York Guitar Retreat takes place in the Catskills on July 13-17. Italy is on July 21-28, and the Californian retreat is at the beginning of next year on January 15-17 2016.

To find out more details about the retreats go to...

I hope to see you there!

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Jun 9

Hey all,

Today on the 9th of June 2015, the legend Mr Les Paul would have turned 100 years old. As you might know he wasn't just the godfather/inventor of the electric guitar but also the pioneer and inventor of the multi-track recording and overdubbing, which were both enormous milestones in the history of music recording.

Les passed away in 2009 at the age of 94, leaving behind a legacy of great guitar playing, guitars and inventions. He is missed by many but his memory lives on forever.

I had the pleasure of knowing Les and at his 91st birthday concert at Iridium NYC in June 2006, I was invited to perform a few songs with him along famous guests like Jose Feliciano.

We played two songs together "I can't give you anything but love" and "Body and Soul". This is an evening I will never forget and it meant a lot to me to have shared the stage with such a legend.

Les was very kind and supportive and was introducing me to the audience by saying something like "listen to this guy and you will learn" :)

Jun 8
Andy Hall

beard dobro in maple red

It’s blog time again! I don’t consider myself a great blog writer, but it is fun to riff about different dobro topics. I thought seeing as I just got a new dobro from Beard Guitars I’d talk a little bit about tone. Obviously there’s a lot that goes into getting “good” tone. Technique and how you finesse the instrument being the most important. But here we’re going to talk about picks, wood, and things you can change to get certain tones.

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