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“He was brilliant, though he down-played that side of himself, very approachable, funny, and generous. His family, friends, colleagues and students will miss him deeply.” – Mike Marshall

Paul Binkley, highly respected and beloved member of the Mandolin community, has passed away. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in April of 2014 and died on November 12, 2014. Paul was a founding member of the Grammy-nominated Modern Mandolin Quartet with Mike Marshall, Dana Rath, and John Imholtz (later members include Matt Flinner and and Adam Roszkiewicz). With groundbreaking musicality Paul brought mandolin music to a new level, inspiring instrumentalists worldwide.

Mandozine has published an excerpt of a letter that Mike Marshall wrote to his longtime friend and collaborator just before his passing:

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Nov 30

Hey all,

This weekend I've done a few gigs and masterclasses in Germany and Switzerland. I had the pleasure of performing at Staufen Gitarren Tagen and then on the way to Bad Waldsee for the next gig, I stopped by in Zurich to do a masterclass with these fine gentlemen on the picture below.

It's been a while since I did any live performances due to a very intense schedule of producing and song writing for other artists, but it was fun and I'm looking forward doing more stuff next year both in America and Europe. Stay tuned!

Best Regards Andreas

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Nov 9

Here I am at the window of a Japanese fugu (blowfish) restaurant. The blowfish is potentially deadly to eat, if its poison is not properly removed. This photo was taken after a delicious feast of fugu, so my standing position and smile are proof of another successful poison removal. And it was delicious! 

The Mr. Big world tour rolls on...

Thank you,


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Oct 28

"It is very sad to lose one of my major influences Mr. Jack Bruce.  

His approach to playing and his bass lines stay with me to this day especially still playing his parts with Eric.  

Jack Bruce rest in peace, gone but not forgotten.   

I will bask in the Sunshine of Your Love."

- Nathan East

Eric Clapton has recorded a musical tribute for Jack on guitar, click here to listen
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Oct 9

paul gilbert pedalboard mr big

After a few days of rehearsing and tweaking, I've got my pedalboard sorted out for the Mr. Big tour. Here is the signal path:


Sennheiser Wireless 

Keeley Looper #1 (used as A/B box) A-side goes to an MXR Bass Compressor and a TC Electronics Mini Corona Chorus. These go directly to the P.A. system for my clean and/or acoustic sound. The B-side goes to...

Keeley Looper #2 (used as an effects loop switcher.) In the loop is a Cry Baby Jimi Hendrix Signature Wah Wah and an MXR Phase 90. I love having these two pedals in the effects loop, because there is an LED that tells me if the wah wah is on, and I can have the pedals come on simultaneously with just one footswitch. Another bonus is that when my foot presses the Keeley Looper, it actually puts my leg in a good position to shift to the wah wah and keep my balance. In the past, I always felt clumsy when using a wah wah, but this trick really works. And then...

MXR Distortion Plus (for a "tight" trebly distortion)

TC Electronic MojoMojo (for a subtle, natural distortion with a bass boost)

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