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Nov 6

Hey all,

Hoping all is well.The last few weeks have been really great for me, many new song releases that made it all the way to the top of the charts.

1. ARASHI "Japonism"-album has been Nr 1 in Japan now for almost three weeks now selling approx 900k physical albums (more than 3x Platinum) so far, which is amazing numbers these days.

This band is the most popular boy band in Japan and the song "The Deep End" is my first release with this legendary group. During it's first week of sales, the Japonism-album was the best selling album in the world according to the Global album chart.

2. EXO, another huge Korean boy band just made their debut in Japan with the "Love Me Right"-single including my co-write "Drop That". This release is currently Nr 1 on the single chart in Japan and has sold approx 110k copies so far which means Gold record status.

3. f(x) the very popular Korean girl group released their new album "4 Walls" including my co-write "Glitter". This album is on top of the album chart in Korea as well as the Billboard World Music chart in the US.

4. I also wrote Korean boyband SHINee's single "Sing a song" that has sold approx 50k physical albums so far in Japan and was topping the single chart on the day of it's release.

Very proud and excited to have written all these songs that reaches out to millions of people. On Glitter and Drop That I also added some guitars :) Many more releases coming up at the end of this year...very thankful to be able to create new music on a daily basis.

Regards Andreas

Oct 27

“I feel like I’m at a place where I’m old enough to be able to really provide a pretty extensive amount of knowledge of how to play this style.” - Guthrie Trapp

Big News: Country Guitar Lessons with Guthrie Trapp are Now Available! 

If you've ever been interested in learning country guitar, now is the time. The lessons start as if you’ve never touched a guitar before, so don’t worry if you’re just a beginner. Guthrie teaches all the fundamental building blocks of playing country guitar, plus all the advanced techniques that took him years to learn. So whether you’ve been playing for 20 years or are just starting out, you’re going to find everything you need from Guthrie Trapp at ArtistWorks.

Talk about authentic, this is the real deal. As Guthrie says, “it’s pretty incredible.”

Oct 23

hudson hornet

I was drawn to the sound of guitars and blues long before I knew anything about either one. My earliest musical memory is of “Heartbreak Hotel” blasting out of the dashboard of my parents’ Hudson Hornet; I must have heard hours of music from that same radio, but that’s the only bit that stuck.

A few years later, guitar instrumentals by artists like the Ventures, Link Wray, and Booker T & the MGs made my hair stand up. As rock & roll morphed into rock, the guitar-based sounds of the Kinks and Stones, then Hendrix, Cream, Zeppelin, and Beck overshadowed everything else. Guitar rang loud and clear, but even after I started playing I didn’t fully appreciate the blues connection.

My heroes raved about guys named Johnson and King, but what little “real” blues I actually heard sounded kind of old and scratchy - I appreciated it more than I was inspired by it. That all changed a few years later when - now driving my own car - I heard Albert King’s “The Sky is Crying” and had to pull over. I got it.

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Oct 15

It is with great sadness that I must pass on the news that our dear friend here at the MTGA, Norman McMillan, has passed away at the age of 93.

Norman was one of our first online students to signed up within the first few days of the site opening. We became good friends, and he visited us several times in Scotland when I started the Kirkmichael International Guitar Festival. My wife and I also visited Norman at his home in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, and he became a much loved member of our worldwide family. He had a tremendous enthusiasm for life and love of music.

We will all miss him.

Oct 14

I just finished reading the new memoir from Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. In the spaces between all the recklessness and drug-induced tragedy, the book reveals her love of rock music and great guitar playing. She credits the original Pretenders guitarist, James Honeyman-Scott with bringing her songs to life with melody, and ends the book with one of the saddest lines that I've ever read (about her memory of him, after his passing.) 

Chrissie doesn't see herself as a virtuoso guitarist, and she spent a lot of time in the early punk scene, hanging out in London with members of The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, and Motorhead (more of a heavy metal band, but certainly with some punk attitude.) But in the end, she always affirms that musicians need to be able to play. I like this quote from the book (talking about "hot-shot" type guitar players.)

"They aren't paying attention to ordinary stuff... politics, religion, or society... they don't bother with opinions as those things don't concern them. Playing guitar concerns them. Life begins and ends with the guitar. That's the kind of guy you want in your band."

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