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Mar 3

guthrie trapp

“The amount of music that’s happening here, and the young people that are moving here and bringing new flavors – it’s way more than just a country town anymore.” - Guthrie Trapp

Guthrie Trapp is featured on the Fretboard Journal blog talking about his experience as an in-demand session musician in Nashville, how he got started playing guitar, the story behind his famous Fender Telecaster, and much more. Click here to read it!

Feb 25

robin trower bridge of sighs

“I listened to these records so much when I was a kid that they shaped my musical DNA.” - Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert loves guitar. When he’s not playing or recording new guitar lessons for his online students at ArtistWorks, he's often talking about it somewhere. He was recently featured in Classic Rock Magazine where he gives a nice rundown of 5 Essential Guitar Albums. Have a quick look at his list below and click here to read more in the full interview.  

  • Robin TrowerBridge of Sighs (1974)
  • Pat TraversGo For What You Know (1979)
  • Led ZeppelinThe Song Remains the Same (1976)
  • Frank Marino & Mahogany RushLive (1978)
  • Van HalenVan Halen (1978)
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Feb 22

learning classical guitar at artistworks

In this student spotlight, we interview Paul Berge from New York who’s been learning classical guitar online with Jason Vieaux for a little over a year now. Not being able to find a local teacher in his area, Paul went searching for classical guitar lessons online, which is how he discovered ArtistWorks.

What made you want to learn classical guitar? 

“Being an introvert with no singing ability, I was looking for more of a solo instrument. This naturally led me to the classical guitar. Another musician friend of mine happened to have a very cheap classical guitar laying around which he gave me. I immediately felt more at home with the nylon string guitar and began purchasing method books and seeking out instructional videos.”

Feb 5

the infamous stringdusters, laides & gentlemenThe new album from The Infamous Stringdusters, Ladies & Gentlemen, is now available! Check out Andy talking about the new album in the video above and be on the lookout for a new lesson on the tune "Still The One" in the Dobro curriculum which we've just released today as well. For more info about how to get the album, click here! 

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Feb 1

paul gilbert

I have returned from a successful promotional tour of Japan. Pictured above, is a tank of blowfish (fugu), one of which became a delicious dinner. The middle photo is me and one of the girls from the massively successful group, Momoiru Clover Z. We performed Mr. Big's "To Be With You" together on TV. Her voice is so high, that we moved the key up to F. This sounded fine, but it was a bit challenging for me, since I had to re-visualize a song that I had played in E for the last 25 years, and all my open string licks didn't work anymore. But this was nothing compared to the challenge of playing the most insane prog-metal-bubblegum pop song I've ever heard with the whole Momoiru Clover Z group (the 5 girls pictured at the bottom.) All in all, it was a spectacular time.


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