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Oct 8

My three-piece band and I had a great first show in Uppsala, Sweden. Here is a photo of us about to take our bow at the end of the show. Also, check out my newest piece of gear... the Pillow. After playing my guitar with my Makita cordless drill, where can I put it? I need to quickly start playing guitar with my normal pick again, so I need to get rid of the drill quickly. The pillow allows me to just drop the drill on the ground, where it cushions the fall. This particular pillow belongs to the venue, so I couldn't take it with me for the upcoming shows. I guess I'll need to go pillow shopping. 

More wild tour stories, as they happen...


P.S. I guess I could get rid of the drill Yngwie-style. But there are risks.


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Oct 4
Andy Hall

Hey guys!

 I just did a general outline for some details on how and what you should practice and for how long. I hope you find these helpful! This is just a guide. Through the video exchanges we can fine tune this just for you! 

Beginner Dobro Practice Plan



3 Key elements                                                         Time Allocation



Sep 23

What is fingerstyle?

You may have heard the term fingerstyle used synonymously with fingerpicking, but the two are really quite a bit different. Fingerpicking generally involves moving between the thumb on the bass notes and the fingers on treble notes, and builing around patterns for your fingers. These recognizable patterns can be applied to many different kinds of music and sound great. 

Fingerstyle guitar blends bass and treble together, with your fingers and thumb working all of the strings together. Watch fingerstyle guitarist Martin Taylor playing "They Can't Take That Away from Me" in the above video. You can hear bass and treble notes together, with the thumb and the fingers moving across the instrument rather than following distinct patterns.

Sep 22

After some intense rehearsals, my band and I are ready to rock Japan. First Freddie Nelson and Tony Spinner came to Portland to rehearse with me and work out our guitar parts and vocal harmonies. Then the three of us flew to L.A. to rehearse with Kevin Chown (bass) and Thomas Lang (drums.) The nice thing about rehearsing is that... It works. The band gets tighter, and my own playing gets better and easier. 

Zakk Wylde happened to be rehearsing next door to us, so it was good to see him too. He is one of the modern masters of vibrato... an accomplishment that I always admire.

Rock and Roll!


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Sep 21

In October I will be embarking on a Solo UK Tour to celebrate my 60th Birthday.

The UK is where it all started for me, so it's going to be great visiting some of the towns I played at the beginning of my career.

If I'm playing in a town near you please come along and say hi! Here's the tour dates...

14 Fareham, Ashcroft Arts Centre
15 New Milton, Forest Arts Centre
18 Colchester Arts Centre
19 Guildford, G Live
21 Whitby, Musicport Festival
25 Wavendon, Milton Keynes, The Stables
27 Manchester, Band On The Wall
28 London, Indigo O2 (Bill Wyman’s 80th Birthday Concert)
31 Uppingham, Uppingham Theatre

1 Runcorn, Brindley Theatre
2 Loughborough, University Arts
4 Dundee, Gardyne Theaytre
5 Inverness, The Spectrum

For further details go to...

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