Jan 15

Hey all,

I'm happy to announce that I will be featured in a new documentary about Swedish guitar players called "Axemen Of Sweden". This documentary is directed by Anders Moren & Björn Carlsson and features several famous players such as John Norum from Europe, Mattias IA Eklundh, Joije Wadenius and a few others. The movie will probably be avaliable sometime this spring/summer but for now here's a trailer:

Check it out, u could also visit or their official fb page!

axemen of sweden

Regards Andreas

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Jan 12

Paul Gilbert and Keith Wyatt were recently featured on the Phil Hulett & Friends radio show where they talk about their online guitar lessons at ArtistWorks and how it all works. Phil Hulett once interviewed a young Paul Gilbert back in his Racer X days, and still remembers what Paul said when asked about the secret to playing guitar so good: "Practice." Sounds about right. Speaking about the differences between rock guitar vs. blues guitar, here's what Keith said: "The two worlds are more alike than they are different, it's just a matter of picking and choosing your path for music."

Jan 11

Here is a photo by the amazing photographer and pickup maker, Larry DiMarzio. I always begin the session with the standard "Stand there with the guitar, lean forward, and look mean" pose. But after 100 of those, I start to search for other things to do in front of the camera. I like this one, but I think what it really needs is a good caption. Some possible captions are:

"Hey, it looks like it might rain! I think I've got an umbrella in my pocket. Let me flip my guitar around, and I'll check..."


"Yes Zeus, I dare to defy you by playing a Bb note! But if you wish this note to cease, you must first strike me down!"


"Argh! I've seen Stevie Ray Vaughan play guitar behind his back, but I can't get anything to work back there!"

Anyway, many thanks to Larry for always making me look good and sound good.

Rock and Roll,


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Jan 5

Blues Guitar Lessons with Keith Wyatt

One of my students here at ArtistWorks recently asked me on the Blues Guitar School forum to name some influential solos that I have transcribed over the years. It seemed like a good topic for discussion, so here’s an expanded version of what I wrote:

To paraphrase an old saying, “if you steal one idea it's plagiarism but if you steal a hundred it's research.” In my opinion, the best way to learn a style is to emulate the masters, and learning solos teaches you not only licks, but how a great player arranges ideas over time.  A classic solo will also reveal new layers as your own ear, skills, and knowledge expand, so you can keep coming back to it for new insights. In most cases I never wrote these down but instead memorized them on the guitar, which after all is where you want the ideas to “live.”

In no particular order, here’s a sample of solos that I have memorized note-for-note at some point; some I still know pretty well while others would need some dusting off, but they’re all in there somewhere.

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Jan 3

I just received my copy of "Metallion" in the mail. It's a magazine made entirely with photos and articles from the recent Mr. Big tour of Japan. The magazine is made by the staff of "Burrn!!" magazine. I asked them once, why they spell Burrn with the letter "r" twice. They said that they were inspired by the British heavy metal magazine, "Kerrang!" That's good enough for me.

Most of all, it was great to see so many cool photos from that amazing tour. 

In a month or so, the tour will continue in South America, and a few shows in the U.S.A. as well. Los Angeles is the final show. It will be great to finish in my hometown!

Thank you,


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