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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Rhythm and Chords Overview

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Bluegrass Guitar

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we've, we've laid some, some great
foundations for building technique and and
really building a strong foundation for,
for flat picking.
And you know, what we're gonna move into
now is playing rhythm.
You're actually gonna start playing some,
some music and, and, and
putting some things together to really
move this, you know, move this along.
And rhythm and even playing rhythmically
is what we're really gonna work on.
I mean, there is rhythm playing that we're
gonna discuss all through the site but
one of the key points that I'm gonna make
is is learning to
think about even your single note playing
and leads and solos rhythmically.
And so I feel like a way to do that is to
you know,
we’re gonna start in a way that encourages
We’re gonna, again, start slowly.
And I think there’s gonna be a lot of
people that if your new to this
this kinda guitar, it’s steal string
acoustic guitar playing blue grass,
I mean, one of the one of the things we
have to build is strength and and
the calluses, and, and all this kind, all
this kind of stuff.
It doesn't happen overnight.
All this stuff, all these things that
we're talking about take a while to build,
and so that's why at this point we're
we're just gonna discuss some chords and,
and the way to play them,
and and get your fingers used to being in
these kind of positions.
And as, as you build and I'll show you,
I'll show you different exercises
to work on and to get your fingers really
moving in the right direction.