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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: “You Are My Sunshine” (Basic)

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Bluegrass Guitar

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We're gonna play some music now.
We've covered lots of basic fundamentals
about playing,
approach to this playing acoustic guitar,
and playing bluegrass rhythm, and so
now we're gonna play some tunes.
And I found some three-chord songs that I
think that are, you know,
that are melodies that, that a lot of
people will know.
And the first one is You Are My Sunshine.
It'll be in the key of G, and and just
follow along.
I'm gonna play it through twice.
What I've done is record a lead track.
Me playing guitar playing the lead, and so
I'll play it through twice.
You can play along to learn the changes
and and
then you can download the file and, and
you can have it for your practice.
And so again, we're gonna work on making
chords as full as possible.
We're gonna use the boom chuck and chord
change and all that kinda stuff.
Have both hands working and, in rhythm
So we're gonna, we're gonna play the tune.
Here we go.
Two, three.
That's You Are My Sunshine.
If you want to, you can write out the
chord changes.
In the, in the interest of encouraging
some ear training right now,
I think I would rather you play along and
memorize it, actually.
So when you, when you download this me
playing the track, you can,
you can play and listen to the melody.
You got the, that's a pretty recognizable
And you can learn the chord changes from
watching what I just did.
And so practice that and, and remember to
keep, keep your chords full and strong.