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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Fretboard - Exercise 2

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Bluegrass Guitar

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got an exercise here, it's a, it's a good
challenge, it sort of,
takes some from the first set of, of
realizing where these three shapes fall.
We're gonna be in the key of G.
And the, the, the, we had the single
exercise that dealt
with these basic chord shapes again.
Now instead of keeping them within
the same one four five, we're gonna stay
in the key of G, and
still use those same chord shapes.
And now we're gonna connect them.
We're gonna try to, I've got an exercise
here that connects from
this [SOUND] first form of G here all the
way up here [SOUND] and then back down.
And when we connect we're gonna, we're
gonna find some notes that kinda lead
from, from this [SOUND] to this other than
just moving to the,
moving to the shapes, or the, cold like
that, so.
The way this exercise starts out, working
with this shape in a, in a pull off.
we're gonna slide up from the fifth fret
to the seventh fret.
We're starting to,
starting our transition now.
Slide from seven to nine one more time.
from here now we're in, in this, in this
One more time.
So, that, that gets us through that shape
there, so now we are going to shift again.
To that shift, remember those, that
when we did those similar transitions from
pinkie to index finger, and those scales.
And now we are out of this shape again.
and then we're gonna shift back with a
And hit that note twice.
Now we're back to this shape.
now back to, we're going to transition
back down to the to this.
It's a pretty involved little thing.
I'll show you to one more time.
And, and I mentioned, you know, these are
shapes and, and ideas that I use for
playing melodies and soloing up and down
the neck.
And this, this is you know, certainly well
within something to start working on.
Let me show you this at at 60 beats a
And just to give you a, you know, a, a
suggestion for a metronome setting.
And I'll run it here for you and
you can hear what it sounds like with the
metronome at 60.
That's a handful.
Good luck with that one.