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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Crosspicking

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Bluegrass Guitar
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talked about crosspicking as, as a style
within a style of flatpicking, another,
another few words about, how crosspicking
is important to your overall sense
of a Bluegrass guitar player and, and
flatpicking the guitar.
Using different ways to sort of enhance
things using different voicings.
We showed you basically our chord shapes.
I'll use from the George Shuffler kinda
way here's you know.
And these are all,
all within your chord shape you have some
notes that you can kinda grab out of a D.
One of the popular things is to as it
creates a suspended fourth of playing the
G over over the regular D shape.
And within a cross picking, and again an
effective cross picking with the nice
thing about it, it creates this beautiful
sort of rolling pattern.
And the same thing out of a C.
Or a G.
Anywhere where you can find
the three strings together in a chord.
You can,
you can get into some crosspicking.
George Shuffler his idea was to play
melodies so you take a.
Take a song like Wildwood Flower.
Basic melody.
With crosspicking.
And again the way that to, to lay
Of how to make this stuff more effective
is to again apply some of
the stuff we've talked about of a general
rhythmic picking hand.
When I go into cross picking.
You shouldn't see a whole lot of,
of change from my right arm.
The movement is smaller I'm working within
a smaller number of strings but
I don't want to feel any tension when I go
to this.
And so I've got a,
I've got a few exercises that sort of deal
with just the, the roll itself.
And and so, you know, [SOUND] as, as we
learn to apply this stuff and
we work in through the, the tunes that are
at the end of this,
end of this intermediate section we're
gonna put this crosspicking stuff to use.
And you know, here's, here's a little.
You know just some little
cross picking for ya.
It's a great way to, play Bluegrass is,
is cross picking and do a lot of solo type
playing with this and we'll get into,
we'll get into some great, great ways to
build strength of cross picking here next.