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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Crosspicking (Key of G) - Exercise 1

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Bluegrass Guitar

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One of the best way to,
to work on cross picking is to apply it
into some tunes, and
we have that at the end of this
in the intermediate section but first and,
and again in my effort.
With my method here is to sort of break
things down into some of their
core elements.
So, how to, how to build a solid flat
picking technique.
And so, these are a series of exercises
that I've come up with that sort of work
out of what we know, what we've come to,
you know, realize, basic scale knowledge.
And, replying a cross picking technique to
get through these scales.
And, it's, it's gonna challenge your left
hand and your right hand.
And that's, that's part of, part of the,
you know, the, the, what these exercises
are for is to, you know, you can come and
review these things and, and work on.
You know, strength building and, and
the idea is to maintain a solid sense of
how these notes all sorta kinda ring.
And, the cross picking style's so, so
nice to hear with when everything sustains
and you get all these beautiful roles.
So, so the first one is a, is a cross
picking scale exercise in g major.
And so, we basically, have our start with
our, our, our g major scale.
Our g chord, g major chord.
Let's start with our middle finger on the
g on this.
So, there's our verse.
The one, the three and the five.
And so, the, the exercise runs like this.
First bar.
and just alternating the pick.
And, the first challenge when
you start putting a lot of cross pick bars
together is usually the,
the second of the two in the pattern,
you've got a bit of a string change.
You've got upstroke back on the low E
string which is
for me it's the first thing I,
I need to sort of, work on or remind
myself to sort of stay loose.
So moving on.
Now,we have a bit of a stretch on the left
hand to get through the next degree.
And, it creates an A-minor scale.
And then, back to a, a G scale here.
Let's play
this one with the middle finger.
Cuz you'll notice it actually sets up for
the next bar, which is a C.
Then, we're gonna move up to a D chord.
Which is a pretty good stretch there
with your pinky on the D your ring on the
F-sharp and first finger on A.
And then, B-minor.
And then, a D7, which is a really tough
and then back to this G, and then our F
So, one time through here slowly, and
one of the key things to remember is to,
stay in this first position.
And then, shift.
And, shift.
First position.
And then, shift up to this shape here.
Shape shifters.
And that's, you know lots of little things
to work on with an exercise like this.
You've got your pick, cross picking
technique that we've introduced now.
We've got some pretty solid left hand
stretches, and some transitions within,
you know, they're not major shifting up
and down the neck,
but just within, just to get through the
I think it, en,
en, encourages a lot of the things that
we've been working on so far.
And, there's so I'll show you one more
time and
then we'll move on in the next lesson.
Here it is again.
And, I, and the goal is to make all these
notes ring as much as they can.
And, that's when you're really gonna know
that you,
you're nailing this kind of exercises is
when you can get.
This beautiful sort of roll pattern that's
almost hypnotic as it climbs through the