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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Advanced Rhythm - Exercise 1: “Banks of the Ohio”

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Bluegrass Guitar

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We're now at a point here
where I'd like to try to put a lot of the
things we've talked about with bluegrass
from the basic through the intermediate,
through advanced into use with some tunes.
We've talked about how to interpret
We've talked about some specific
techniques with getting through bars and
connecting changes.
And I got three songs here that I would
like to to present as exercises for
you guys to work on.
The first one here is Banks of the Ohio.
And so it's a slow tune, another beautiful
melody with lots of phrases.
And so, what I'm gonna be listening for
specifically what I'll be trying to do is,
is ways to connect chords ways to connect
rhythmically the, the sense of
how the phrases start and pick up back
again and, and try to connect the melody
in a way that, that enhances the overall
picture of what's going on here.
So here's Banks of the Ohio.
That's Banks of the Ohio twice through.
One thing I noticed is the first part of
the melody is low, a little more,
little more subtle.
The second half went up an octave.
So just, I reacted to that naturally, and
notice on the second time through if you
look, if you look back through that
you can see how I went to more of a, of a
bigger strum pattern.
I didn't get loud necessarily, but I just
went from,
from more of these sort of connector kind
of technique based kinda things like.
More, and it had more space, and more.
You know more walks inside the phrases.
And when it went, when the melody went
higher little,
little had more little more freedom
sonically to.
You know,
so basically that was my interpretation of
I'm just kind of we're gonna start opening
the door to improvisation here
from here on out.
So those are, again, sort of ways to
interpret the melody.
And that's gonna be a, a, a big a big
point we're gonna push here, later on.
So that's Banks of the Ohio.
I've got a couple more here for you to
work through.