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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Introduction to Etudes

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Bluegrass Guitar

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wanted to set up a section here of the
advanced lesson plan on the site and
I wanna give you a little introduction to
what's going on here.
I'm really excited about this, I've got a
collection, a growing collection of,
of etudes and exercises and, and things
that I feel are sort real important for
an advanced flat picker to be able to kind
of execute.
And each of these sort of represent an
element of flat picking and a, and a,
hopefully somewhat musical form that
deepen your, deepen your technique.
Etude sort of exists as, as musical pieces
to work on specifical aspects of, of, of
playing an instrument.
And so, I've got some specific flat
pieces of music here in these etudes and
exercises, and, and studies if you will.
And so and also they're, you know, because
there are, you know,
more musical ideas as, as opposed to just
running scales and things like that.
I want you do what, what I did here.
Your, your assignment with a lot of this
is to look at these as, you know,
we all sort, we all steal ideas from, from
other players and other records and, and
apply it to our own things our own music.
And so look at these as, you know, find
leaks you can still find, find passages,
find, find ideas within all these things
that you can apply to your soloing.
Or write a tune around something.
This is just look at this as kind of a bag
of licks or a bag of of just ideas.
And, and again my goal for these is that
they sort of introduce
certain things about flat picking and you
know, more bluegrass based ideas.
To sort of further deepen and give you
some things to practice.
We talk a lot about improvisation in the
advanced section and,
and we'll continue on with some some tune
But, but these things are gonna exist as,
you know, short little exerts.
You can work on speed.
You can work on string changing, cross
All kinds of, all kinds of neat little
sort of technique based kind of things to,
to work on in this section.
And I'm real, I'm happy to have this.
I'm excited about putting it together.
And kind of seeing it grow.
So good luck.