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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Advanced Etude 1 (Key of G)

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one here is an etude in G major and it
deals directly with string changing.
And it's meant to help you build speed and
getting around the,
the strings with the pick.
And I'll just work through it slowly with
you first.
It starts with a pick-up.
One of the things about this all through
All through these lessons we've talked
about how an upstroke can kind of
basically set up a strong downstroke.
And so, this,
that's the way this one starts out.
So, and it immediately gets into some
picking exercise.
So we're not.
We haven't fretted any notes yet, so it
starts out like this.
And again.
All right, so that's, that's, that's the
guts of what's going on right there.
A couple of things to be looking out for
the D.
Sort of passes through D7.
Straight out of that.
D7 chord.
And a goal for these things.
This is the first.
I'll show you the same etude in two
different keys and the goal for
all of these is to, is, with your string
changing and, and your,
your fretting of this kind of stuff is to
realize as much sustain as possible.
And so what I'm gonna do is show you this
etude at 100 beats
a minute with a metronome.
And kinda show you where it can go.
So this is at 100.
All right, there is one time through with
And again with with our changing strings
and the picks making things real accurate.
We'd like to realize even, even with
all the string changes, a consistent pulse
with your right arm, your picking hand.
So we'll strike the metronome again at 100
again and I'll show you kinda here's
a challenge for an advanced flat picker
to, to where this kind of stuff can go.
Once again get some rhythm going.
Think about doubling, doubling the amount
of pick strokes.
It's hard to do.
And it's, you know, then you can beyond
It's, again, it's sort of speed building.
It sorta stays all within the G.
And the the D and the E and the B strings.
If you wanna go there you can so
here it is I'll show you in two more keys.