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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Advanced Etude 1 (Key of C)

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Bluegrass Guitar

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the same basic musical idea that we just
showed in G.
Now we'll be working outta C.
And if you look at your tab,
there you download, it starts again with
that same eighth note pickup, upstroke.
First bits all out of,
all out of a C chord.
With a, with a low G.
The idea is to get as,
as much ring as possible.
And then it goes to a G seven.
I'll give you a choice here.
I have it written with fretting the B on
the fourth fret of the G string
Down to the low G.
I'll give you the option of playing that
open B
Same thing actually rings a little more.
And then again.
I like the challenge that's there after,
after holding that C down.
to maintain part of the, you know, or
emphasis on, on connecting and
transitioning smoothly which, from bar to
bar rhythmically.
It's a good challenge to get over to that
B note quickly.
Once again,
its an eighth note pick up into the down
beat, so.
a thing to think about that'll help smooth
that out, is to think of that,
that B as simply a pickup note into the
I'll show you this exercise all the way
thorough at 100 beats a minute.
And again play the rhythm.
So, there's another
version on how to play that and
you can again, I showed you how to
split the metronome play it faster again,
it's learn it there.
Learn, we won't learn how to get
from the beginning to the end smoothly,
all with all these ringing strings And
as you build speed go slowly,
you know, work up to how fast you think
you can do it,
you know, there'
You know that one for me it's,
it's not as easy to play as fast as I can
do it in G.
You may find that, you may find you can
play faster just curious to see
how you can use that to apply to to
building your strength as a flat-picker.
We've got one more of, of this particular
musical passage.