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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Advanced Etude 2 (Key of G)

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Bluegrass Guitar

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The first three etuds I just showed you
dealt with,
string changing, building speed,
build, building accuracy with the pick,
These next two are gonna employ, the left
hand a little more.
And involve some pos, position shifting.
And and using fretted notes with open
strings and
that's what's basically going to get you
know, sort of hammered in with this,
with this little etude in G right here.
And it starts out with the with the
triplet in the downbeat.
My guess is through the first two bars.
Then we're gonna shift up.
We have a D-note on the third fret.
But we also have a C on the fifth fret of
the next string down.
We're gonna go to open B right there.
So here's what they all, all that should
sound like.
And then seven.
All open and then back to seven.
Four, than for the F sharp.
So we're,
we're it's commonly referred to floaties.
So we're, we're it's commonly referred to
these kinda licks where theres lots of
fretted notes with open strings create you
know a massive sorta cascading kinda thing
with notes sustaining all over the place.
so slowly here the thing is.
One more time.
One more time.
It's a handful of stuff there, and again,
go through slowly.
For me, I noticed that just the transition
of this
It's, it's,
it's quite a stretch on your left hand.
So you know, as you work through these
things, again,
think about trying to make this all a very
smooth top to bottom musical piece and
got one more with this in the key of D