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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Advanced Etude 2 (Key of D)

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Bluegrass Guitar

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The Etude number two in D is yet
another handful of stuff to try to get
through I'll shows it to you slowly here.
It starts again with a triplet.
I'm gonna shift here.
And, and, and this pattern or the, the,
the, the shape of,
the, our index finger on, the fourth fret
and a pinky on the seventh
fret is gonna be something that we're
gonna remember here for
the next little descending thing so
That's the way all that goes.
All the way.
Our pinky's gonna be all the way down here
on this low B.
That's one of the things to remember about
a lot of these sort of
real cascading kind of things is it's,
once you get your left hand to a position
you can kind of get a lot of, you know, a
lot of music out of it.
And so there's
something to work on here.
On top again.
There you go.
You shift back, it sets up for
the, last note.
So, one more time.
So once you start
with that thing
an etude
like that slow.
With a thing like that you can, you know,
add speed.
And, but just remember to al, and make,
always make your notes as big and
clear as possible and it should create a
nice big effect.
Now you can send me a video of, of either
the Etude two in G or D.
You can choose which one you wanna show
show me and, and and
the in the crowd here, but what I'm
looking for with those two
activities is that it sort of combines
some of the string changing and
some of the, those intricate left hand
sort of floating kind of sounds,
with the guitar using open strings and
fretted notes, back and forth.
So again, I'll be looking for
a big smooth picture of how, of how those
etudes are delivered.
Don't worry about so much about playing
those things fast.
I'm looking for, for good smooth notes
from the open notes to the fretted notes.