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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: Advanced Flatpicking (Key of A minor) - Etude 1

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This is a flatpicking etude in A minor.
It's a very advanced etude, if you will.
And it's, but it's, I like these kind of
It's it's very classically, classically
oriented, classically based and
so if you can realize, a lot of the things
we talk in,
we've talked about a basic approach to
playing this style of guitar.
These kind of exercises sound, can sound
really beautiful.
When all the notes are sort of ringing,
and, and it'll really challenge you.
It's something to learn, but also I think
once you get there, it's,
it's a beautiful piece of music.
That you can, you can use and play for
people and, kind of the,
the technique that you, can hone and
develop and, and
strengthen with exercises like this, are,
are really important.
Learning a piece like this can help you
play fiddle tunes and, and
realize just a deeper sense of what you
can do with this style of guitar.
we'll jump in here, got our A minor,
A minor chord, and so again,
it's sort of an expanded version of some
cross picking and, and
single note string crossing kind of thing,
string changing, and some,
and some left hand kind of stretches, so
be prepared for all of that.
So, starting at bar one, it starts like
That's your first phrase.
Let me show you one more time slowly,
starts with an A minor chord.
Into a C form.
To D-Minor form.
With an open E.
Now, now starts a little descending
And you, we already have our pinky
on the fret to make the D-minor.
One of the ideas here is to try to make
things ring.
We're looking for a big smooth, smooth
transitions from bars to bars and then,
within the rhythm of what's going on.
So we're, I'm gonna keep the pinky, in bar
three, on the D note.
One thing
now that's it active when I pick it up to
go the C I can put it right back to the B
to get that string crossing effect of the
alternate back and forth with the open E.
That may be something as you work through
this, that's one, one thing to isolate
right there first [SOUND] Cuz that's,
that's a big string jump all the way from
low E to high E.
All right,
and so we're gonna move beyond that to an
And then another descending line,
staring with the two E's.
And then through our A-Minor form.
And this is a transition bar,
to get us to D.
So an interesting little move there.
It's basically through it there.
Some of the stuff in the back half of it
to, to be concerned with.
Just follow the rhythms.
You'll, you'll find that there's either
it's we're in the 3/4 time.
So you got like starting from the second
the third line, I hear bar three,
cuz two bars are basically the same
with the similar string jumping and
then it goes immediately into another.
A different version of that pattern, and
then you'll notice that there's a bit of a
symmetry where the two bars after that
are followed by another, another bar of,
of a change-up.
So it's in the third bar of the the third
So, let me try to play it one more time
through from the top to give you a sense
of what, hopefully a, a goal for
something like this can sound like.
So a lot of what's going on there.
The effect of a lot of those, the notes
that, you know, the back and forth.
And and, it's, it's, that's I'm kind of
using complete facility.
You know this is a very advanced, thing.
And if you can't do it or if you find it
really, really challenging I would,
I would encourage us to keep at it.
It's, I look at these things.
I kind of keep this and and other
exercises and etudes like this.
A round that I use, and there are some
other classical things,
that I think there's beautiful pieces of
music that really can do a lot for
strengthening what you do on the flat pick
Now you can submit a video, we have worked
through two pretty hard exercises,
very advanced flat picking technique
based, technique pushing exercises.
So you can choose one or the other and,
and send me a video and
I'll evaluate what I see.
It's again I'm looking for just overall
technique approach to the guitar.
These are very advanced and, with what I
I can, I can make good comments on what I
think you need to work on.
And, and once again, these are, these
aren't necessarily, you know,
Bluegrassy things.
It's almost more classical, yeah, and so
there's a certain amount of emotion that's
involved also that we can get into.
And, and, but
a lot of what we've talked about here and
the way I can evaluate technique.
We've talked about how the, the strength
of your playing this kinda guitar
is kind of directly, directly related to
The power of your technique the, the, the
solid nature of your technique and so
I'll be looking for that.
I'll be looking for basic overall
technique and, and
look forward to seeing how those things
are coming with you.