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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: “Over the Waterfall” (Advanced)

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have Over the Waterfall here, at the
advanced level.
It's gonna push some boundaries of a lot
of stuff we've talked about
concerning technique.
The deal is that there's a heavy cross
picking in the B section we're
gonna get into.
And challenge your your sense of, of,
of tension and and sense of how to stay
relaxed and and
play a tune like this at a, at a quicker
tempo there's a, there's a lot going on
it's a relatively simple tune as it is but
I've made this version pretty hard.
I would I would encourage any advanced
player to check out the basic version
just to get a sense of a lot, a lot of you
know, what we're talking about.
Basic position, once you get your basic
positions and muscle memory sort of set.
A lot of the notes in this tune don't
don't move much from that.
Once, once you get your basic positions
And so it really gives you the opportunity
to, to,
to work on getting the notes cleanly.
And and trying to stay relaxed.
And so we'll, I'll try to help you,
I'll play it through one time at this
advanced level 80 beats a minute.
And then we'll talk through some of this
what's going on here.
All right.
All right.
Let's just
jump in with the A section here.
Pretty much standard, just stream of
eighth notes.
Hard part starts in the B section so we'll
ramp up to that.
Here's a.
From the start of this.
And what I want here
all through this A section clean notes
big, sustaining kind of notes.
The basic melody of this.
And so there's a lot of connectors.
And so the more we can emphasize good,
steady rhythm.
like we're using basically all the eighth
notes in the bar that,
to create a version of this tune.
And, and the melodies, the, the more that
we can emphasize the the downbeats and
a solid rhythm, the more the melody's
gonna get out through this.
So right here in this A section we're
gonna do a little position shift.
With that open B.
It gets us to the C chord.
And then on, onto the G.
And then back.
That's basically the A section there.