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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: “Kitchen Girl” (Basic)

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Bluegrass Guitar

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Here's a good old song, Kitchen Girl.
I'll play it here.
It's 65 beats a minute.
And then we'll get into what's going on
>> One, two, three, four,
>> All right.
Interesting little tune here,
you don't hear it a whole lot at that many
jam sessions old time kinda tune.
What's neat about it the A part is in A
The B part works out of A minor.
That's why I like it.
And other, other challenge here for the in
the basic level we've
talked about a lot of left hand position
on the finger board.
Four frets and four fingers to the four
And encouraged just getting used to your
hands on the fingerboard.
This tune's going to push, push the limits
of some of that, that kind of thinking.
Which is, which is good.
It's, it's going, always sort of keep
pushing forward.
And you know, getting muscles developed.
And so right off the top here we'll just
jump in, in the top.
Just four quarter notes.
Down strokes.
And a little eighth note pattern here.
So what we're going to notice
our fingers are going to work out of
second position which.
Which means our,
our index finger's going to start on the,
on the second fret.
Which means so,
as we grab these notes here.
There's going to be some position,
position shifting if you will, with this
kind of tune.
Just, just enable to, enable us to get
these notes as clean as possible.
So I'll talk you through it.
From the top again.
Start on our, our ring finger.
Now a little bit of a shift.
here's a big stretch from the third fret
up to the seventh seventh fret.
Which sets up that E chord.
So there's a lot of jumping around, so
I would encourage you just to, to practice
you know, that bar right there.
Cuz you, you slide from the.
It's not an audible slide.
[SOUND] It's just, you're playing each
that adds a little element of challenge
right there.
then back to that position right there.
From the top again.
then it picks us back up into the melody.
that, and now we're back in to our basic
second position idea.
And so it kinda jumps.
You'll find a lot of tunes as you progress
you'll need to sort of
be able to access just slightly beyond up
and down out of these positions.
And so a tune like this, you know, opens
the door to that kind of thinking.
One more time at the A part.
All right.
So again, all this is based on a lot of
the same basic left-hand approach.
Where you know, just being able to access
starts with this fourth fret.
The next level beyond that is just
stretching, you know, to, to five.
And so it's you know, maybe need to work
through some of the other, other tunes and
then come to this later.
But just, just you know, looking to always
challenge where you are.
So moving on to the b section.
So we play the second inning.
And we're working.
Down to A minor, so
we're gonna shift our position once again
down to this first position.
It kind of just all hangs right in there,
right out of the A minor feel there.
And then sets up our last phrase.
And we repeat.
So that's Kitchen Girl, a good, a good
tune to work on.
It again, it's I think it's important to,
to remember these tunes.
A lot of these great tunes, they just
don't get played a whole lot.
But I think it's, I recorded this tune on
the a rec, a record I had out recently.
With the Hot Rise band and it was good to
pull it back out good to learn it.
It's a good stretch for your left hand.
And certainly a, a great tune.
So, I'll play it again here.
I'll step it up a little bit just to give
you an idea with the tempos and
we got 75 beats a minute and I'll, I'll
I'll play it for you there.