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Bluegrass Guitar Lessons: An Introduction to the Improv Workshop

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Bluegrass Guitar

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real excited about introducing a new
department here at the School of Guitar.
It's called The Improv Workshop, and
what's gonna happen
is I'm gonna launch with a song, a basic
melody of a tune.
And then over the next few months release
three different solos for that song.
Using a lot of the tools that we've talked
about here in the curriculum.
From the three shapes basic major scale
Even, you know, look at some rhythm
options for
some fiddle tunes and things like that.
I've got my friend, Darrel Anger's gonna
provide us with some fiddle leads so
we can play with.
It'll be great.
And so, again, I'm really, really excited
about doing this.
I know that there's a lot of players that
wanna learn more about improvisation.
And so, I figured what better way than
just to kinda keep an ongoing study with,
with tunes.
And invite any student to send me your own
solo using some of the ideas.
I'll give you a solo as I would play it
based on some of these ideas.
And then I want you in turn as a student
I'll look forward to
to videos of your own solos, your own
improvisation, and we can talk about it,
and really learn specifically with, with
how I use these tools and
how I think I can teach you to use these
tools as well.
So welcome to this and, and I hope you
really enjoy this.
And I look forward to hearing a lot of
great soloing.