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I have the same question. Some time ago there was a box named something like "videos waiting for response ". Where is it now?

Do you know where I an check if my video has been submitted correctly?

Hello, I have a question re musical level 1. I saw a similar question posted in 2015 and it wasnt answered. Where should I post the question?

Hi, I just joined.

It must be a general message for everyone. I got it too and I am a new beginner.

From my "home" page I see a "featured lessons" tab on the right. My page shows a video for "Level 1: The Bronze Bear by Adair." Is this specifically for me or a general notice to everyone? I did not think I was ready to go to Level 1 in the Intermediate Lessons yet.

Lovely note Barb. I could do with the advice even tho I've been here a while. Thanks for being a great and talented positive influence over the years!

Hoping 2018 is kind to you all! Congrats Janet for your ABRSM accomplishments. I've been Christie's student since 12/10. I've learned if I put in the work, practice and pay attention to Christie's recommendations, my playing improves. As it improves, my pleasure in hearing my playing improves. I'm satisfying no one but myself, although my husband is a great supporter. I'll be 75 in 2018. Never too late to learn. Regarding navigating the site, it is a challenge, but take your time, ask questions of tech support. Eventually you'll get it. That's part of the learning process, i.e., finding out how to get over the humps. The best to you all.

Would like to wish Christie and fellow students a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Best wishes also for everyone's musical aspirations for 2018!

Thanks Aslak :)

Wow, Janet. Congratulation

Thank you Polina, it was a bit scary progressing from playing alone in my room but the exam was well worth it


Just recently I completed my ABRSM Grade 4 Theory Exam (Merit) and Trinity (London) Piano Initial Practical Exam (Distinction) Whoa!

thanks so much for your input. I think we're beginning to get an understanding of the program. it's going to have to wait now till after Christmas with the busyness of this season. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Christie is a wonderful teacher, just understanding of the website organization takes time.

If your daughter does nor read music you will need to purchase a few books for that.

You can also watch the fundamentals videos. Christie describe a lot in details there.

Nancy, I can understand your frustration. I can advise you to go to the beginner lessons and watch them without your daughter to understand how Christie is teaching.

All of you that are new should be aware that nobody can see what you write on your own student page unless they look at the page by clicking on your user name. If you have a question or a message meant for other to see you must write it in the shoutbox or click on the persons name and write on their message board. I didn't understand that at first.

Yes. Players level 1 is intermediate. Beginner is the level before that.

Hey Aslak. I have been confused to. You text players level 0ne. Do you mean the lessons in the intermediate group?

okay thank you .

Nancy, you don't need books in the beginning. Go to lessons, beginner and start with muscular lesson one (unless Christie tells you someting else) . Go also to musical lesson one, and follow the instructions. You dont need books before you come to players level one, i think. But they can be useful before that. If you click on Christies HomePage you can ask her directly what to do. Just click on her name where it is marked in blue . Maybe furter further down in the shoutbox.

where do we start? what books does my daughter need to start tgese lessons? i am so confused with this program...it is overwhelming. I thought I was ordering music I ordered habits level 1 workbook and it is not anything that I want and I spent $50. so I'm just ready to sit down and cry. I can return it but then I get charged the $10 restocking fee then plus my shipping costs and my daughter still doesn't have any music to play. I wish there was someone I could talk to.

FingerstoKeys: I think Christie has directed students to begin with Beginner Musical 1 and Beginner Muscular 1, regardless of past experience.

Hello beautiful people. I'm new here and I'm loving the videos or classes so far. It's helpful. I've been playing for a while but I want to perfect my skills. Do I just go lesson by lesson or do I go to my level and start from there?

*Aslak: thanks. Well do!

+Mike--LOL, did see your comment in time, hahaha!

Thanks for your help Rufus. I will do so

You can submit a video to show her your level . I’m just going to start from the beginning since I want to follow her approach/method from the beginning . But I also have years of previous experience , but wanted something structured and organized .

Hello, I just entered the program with Christie a few days ago. I am not sure where to start; I have played for more than 10 years but not on daily basis for the last 7 years. Before that, it was most classical, but not as schematic in the approach, as I find her teaching. How did you guys start, sending in a video of your level or?

I’m starting out this program . Is says to practice 5 x day ?
I’m wondering how long most people practice each time ?

Wishing those who live in the US a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. BTW stuffing your face with turkey on a holiday is not an excuse to skip practice.

+aslak - k, thanks

AW, I "successfully uploaded" so if the lost one I "successfully uploaded" last week reappears, could you disregard it please. I made a new one of the same. Thanks...and thanks for continuing to improve the site.

Made it :)

It still doesn't work. I have contacted customer service earlier today and will wait for an answer.

Hi Aslak, please try uploading your video again as we have fixed the issue associated with the upload feature. If you continue to experience issues, please contact Customer Service directly. Thank you.

Something seems to be wrong with the upload funktion. Has anybody managed to upload a video the last days?

If you mean what to practise while waiting for a video response; I move on to the next task in the curriculum. I don't wait for an answer before I start to work with something new.

but, I got a question. what do you do in between each video?

+pkaiser--it still pops up that I have a vid waiting...maybe your web page has got to be refreshed. and Aslak--I had the same issue even with the old version. just dont hit the "upload" bottom four or five times. it winds up sending 3 or 4. I found tht one one out wonderfully ; LOL! I soon figured out you just had to let it take its merry time!

I can't upload a video when I try for the first time after they made updates to the site few days ago. Do others have the same problem?

AW, have we lost the feature that tells us we have a video uploaded, as was previously written within the banner? I should have one uploaded but see no confirmation.

We've launched a new navigation menu today! To see the new look, you need to hold down a key while clicking on the refresh icon in your browser. You can do either SHIFT+refresh or CTRL+refresh. Hope you like the new look!

Thanks! @proud_american. Gotcha!

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