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Piano Lessons: Introduction to the Peery Method

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The Peery Method is,
it covers from the very beginning lessons
to the most advanced,
to conservatory level piano playing.
It's a very disciplined approach that
starts very structured with
the first lessons.
We take you step by step.
Show you everything exactly how to do it
on a daily basis to reach each
lesson's goals.
And along the way, you're forming habits
that will enable you to
play piano at any level and almost in any
style that you could want.
It's, it comes from a teaching heritage of
List and Beethoven, Bach.
And it's that same discipline approach
that we've been able to break down and
offer it to the very beginning student,
whether you're five or 50.
You can start this approach.
And by following the steps in the
you'll be able to achieve any level of
piano playing that you want to.