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be able to take lessons over the Video
Exchange Peer Piano site,
you will need a few essential items.
One is a computer, because you'll be
viewing all of your lessons online.
Two is a video camera, you can use a web
cam, or
a flip camera, or a little camcorder.
Anything that records.
Because you'll be, you'll be videoing
yourself and sending those videos in.
And you're going to upload your recordings
onto the internet,
onto this site by clicking on the Submit
Video button.
You will not be sending in videotape.
So make sure that you upload your video,
when you're ready for
some instruction or feedback.
And third is a piano.
And please do have a piano before you
decide to take piano lessons.
I request that you do have a full sized
keyboard, so that it's a full 88 keys.
Not one that's less than that.
Cuz you'll get confused as to where middle
C is.
So a full 88 keys, and full size keys.
Not the little mini toy keys.
So really do, make a commitment to buying
a good quality instrument.
If it's an electronic piano, please get
one with weighted keys,
and also touch sensitive keys, so not just
touch sensitive, but also weighted.
And if your getting an acoustic piano,
just make sure that all the keys work.
Test it out before you purchase it or rent
And go through every key and make sure
every key works and
that all the pedals work.
Each Peery level there will posted a list
of materials that you'll need to purchase
and there will be links on
where you can buy these materials online.
So there will be a list of materials that
you need to
buy that will go along with the Peery
So make sure you have all of your
materials ready to go for
the entire level before you start your