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Piano Lessons: Adult Learning

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If you're a beginner, you can start either
in Essential Habits level one,
and that will give you really step-by-step
instruction of how to get started.
Or you could even start in Players level
But probably starting in Essential Habits
level one will give you enough tools,
so you can start then in any Players level
that you want.
So I would suggest starting in Essential
Habits one, and
going through as many lessons in Essential
Habits as you feel comfortable.
Until you're ready to go on to Players.
And then start in Players level one with
the materials there.
If you've been playing for a few years,
you could send me in a video.
I would love to hear you play a piece,
just any piece of your choice.
Some scales if you know how to do any
And some sort of study or Etude exercise.
It could be Hanonn, or Czerny or any other
Etude if you have it.
And I can give you a recommendation on
where to start.
You could also include in that submission
some of your goals,
things you are wanting to accomplish, or
get out of your piano study.
And I can give you recommendations of the
best place to go
in Peery Piano to be able to be on the
path to reaching your goals.