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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Practice Five Times a Day!

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Five times a day.
So often in an assignment, you're going to
practice a piece five times a day.
This comes up a lot in your practical
pieces, and
it even comes up a lot in your musical
So, for example, in your musical pieces,
the first week you learn something,
you're practicing it FERN.
A different focus for each play through.
After the first week, you should be able
to play that section through with
all aspects of FERN at the same time.
So after the first week,
after you can play all FERN steps together
in the same play through,
you move on to just a five time per day
practice method.
And now you start marking your boxes with
either Xs or a stars.
So an X will indicate that you played it
through, but something was wrong.
So in a musical piece, one of these parts
of FERN was missing, or
in a practical piece, you made some
mistakes or had a rhythm errors, so
you'd make that with an X.
Now, if you're able to play through the
section perfectly,
write the piece perfectly, you would mark
that with a star.
So you're never just marking your practice
You're always giving yourself an
assessment or
an evaluation and figuring out how you
This way you can see your progress
throughout the week.
You shouldn't expect to get stars on the
first day.
You know, or maybe by the fifth play
though, but you'll see by the end of
the week that you're getting more and more
stars and that they're coming earlier on.
So the five time per day practice method
is for the week after you finished FERN,
or it's for a practical piece that you
need to be practicing five times per day.