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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Peery Essential Habits Level One: Practicing

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of the other things that you're taught in
essential habits is how to practice.
A lot of times in a piano lesson
you can be given an assignment and you
kinda have to figure
out on your own how to be able to reach
that weekly goal that assignment goal.
Well in Peery, we show you each step along
the way how you're going to practice and
the most efficient and effective way to
practice each assignment.
So for example, you'll come across the
term FERN.
And FERN is a way that you practice a
musical piece when you're learning it for
the first week.
So it's an acronym that stands for
fingering, expression, rhythm, and notes.
When you're first learning a piece
there are a lot of details to work on and
And it's so much information than it's
hard to focus on everything all at once.
So we break it down for you, and teach you
how to play it through one time focusing
on the fingering, one time focusing on
expression, then rhythm, notes,
and finally giving yourself an evaluation
each day, kinda playing through and
figuring out what things you did really
well and what things need more work.
We also have a, a five per day practice
For certain pieces that need more work,
you'll want to practice them five times a
And you'll be instructed specifically how
to do those five times.
If you just play it through and have
you'll mark your checkbox with an x,
and if you're able to do the piece without
any errors, you'll mark it with a star.
So you see that in this daily practice by
continually evaluating yourself, you'll
make a lot more progress and really be
able to reach your lesson goal each week.
Practicing is such an important aspect.
You can waste a lot of time practicing and
by following the Peery method you
really are focused in every minute of your
practice and getting the very most
out of it so you can reach your goals
confidently and easily each week.