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Piano Lessons: Peery Essential Habits Level One: When to Send a Video

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So in Essential Habits, there are a few
times within the curriculum that I
expressly call for a video.
It's crucial that you do send in a video
at these points, because I've
just taught a really important skill that
needs to become a habit.
And, all of these muscular skills,
especially, have to be done exactly the
right way.
That means if even a snitch of them is
done differently,
you could be building a habit that's
really hard to correct later on.
And, it gets in the way of your progress.
So, whenever I call for a video, please do
send it in.
And, if I mention what camera angles to
place your camera,
please pay attention to that too.
Because, I do need specific shots of the
hand, so
I can make sure that you're learning the
skills correctly.
So, send in a video when I ask for it.
And it's fine if it, if there are errors,
I mean I'm expecting to find things
that I can correct, that's why you're
sending it in.
Also, please send in videos when you're
finished a level, so that you're trying to
certify, and I can check off that you've
learned everything within the level.
If there are any things that we can
correct and
improve before going on to the next level.
I really recommend that you try and
finish a level completely before going on
to a next level.
So, finishing it in muscular, practical,
musical before you go on to, the next
I know the musical pieces tend to be the
most fun, and
the students practice those the hardest,
and usually get through those the fastest.
Instead of going on to the next level, I
would recommend playing other musical
pieces for fun that aren't within the
curriculum and just within the books
that you have purchased, instead of going
on to more Peery musical pieces.
Of course, you're welcome to send in a
video at any time.
If you have a question, or just want me to
check anything,
please always make sure that you've
practiced the assignment fully, and
that you're doing absolutely the best that
you can before you send in the video.
Do expect on the videos that I will find
something to improve.
It's really great when you do little
things incorrectly,
because not only you're learning from
that, but
other students in the community are
learning from that.
So, don't be afraid to send in videos.
Send them in, and no matter how you're
playing, those videos will be so
helpful to the rest of the community.
And, we're a really friendly bunch of
people, and
we're all here to play the piano well, and
so just send in your videos.
And, that way I'll be able to comment, and
the other students will,
will be able to learn from your videos, as