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Piano Lessons: Peery Essential Habits Level One Piano Certification

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at the end of Essential Habits 1, there's,
you have opportunity to certify in Peery,
and I really recommend
that your goal is to certify in all of the
essential Peery habits levels.
So start right off with level one.
That's usually the hardest one and the
most important.
Because from Essential Habits 1 is just
builds on itself.
So at the end of level one send in a
I have a video that explains certification
and what's required.
And send in a video and
let's fine tune those things to make sure
that you Peery, Peery certified.
Being Peery certified means that you've
really reached mastery on each of those
core elements that are becoming habits and
later tools to helping you become a great
piano player, and being able to play
exactly how you want to play.
So if you can get through that Essential
Habits 1,
your, you've laid the foundation to be
building these habits.
If you skip that certification process
gonna be carrying habits on throughout
your piano playing
that could come back to stand in your way
of accomplishing what you really want.
So make it a goal to really certify and
get to that highest level which is Peery
certification in all three categories of
Essential Habits 1.
When you successfully certify in Peery
habits you will get a badge on your
student page that shows what you've
certified in.
So the whole community would be able to
see your accomplishment.