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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level One Musical: Lesson 2

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is Peery habits level 1, musical lesson 2.
So you've learned Sakura section a and a1,
and now we're going to add Sakura section
So, keep practicing on your practice chart
this week.
You're going to do Sakura a and a1, five
Keep thinking of all those steps that you
worked on so great last time.
And you're also going to do Sakura b, with
the fern,
notation that we did last time, each
individual step going through the fingers,
expression, rhythm and notes, and then
checking yourself on all of it at the end.
So, let's go through section b.
Section b is found in measures three and
four, so b happens to measure three and
four, and then it also happens in measures
seven and eight.
So the fingers for section b section b
fingers, the left hand.
Here's the great news.
Does this look at all familiar?
Okay, that's just like a and a1, right?
So nothing new.
Fingers two and four and then finger one.
Now right hand will also start on, on
finger two on A.
And it will go two, three, four, three,
two, three, two, one.
So those are the fingers.
Let's do it one more time.
Two, three, four, three, two, three, two,
The expression on, section b is, it has a
big long line over it,
which means it's going to cay, stay really
smooth and connected.
That line's called a slur, or a phrase
which means to play your, your notes
really smooth.
So in my right hand.
And then
that last note we're gonna come up both
hands, wrists straight up, very slowly.
Not, not crazy fast, cuz Sakura's a
you know, song like peace, it's, put you
in a trance.
So nice and slow but that's our
Now, for some students it's really hard to
play smoothly.
So, you play like this.
[SOUND] Here's a trick.
If you're having a lot of time, hard-uh, a
lot of hard time playing from finger to
finger, I want to you try and play more
than one note at once.
So like this.
Just exaggerate what you're wanting to do.
See I'm holding down all my fingers
together to get that feeling of playing.
And as you practice
your power fingers exercise in muscular
lesson five, you'll start doing that.
That will also help.
That will give you a lot of practice.
But you might not have gotten to that yet.
So that's how you'll practice, and then,
pretty soon you'll get that smooth play.
The rhythm is pretty straightforward, but
we go one, one, one.
There's some fast notes here.
Fast, fast, one, two.
So that's gonna go fast, fast there.
Try and stay right with me.
Fast, fast.
You can practice playing with me to get
that rhythm down.
It also helps to make up words.
And sing along with it while you're
And then the notes, let's go over the
notes the left hand you already know,
the right hand goes a, b, c, b, a, b, a,
So go through each step of fern, and mark
out your final.
Five days a week.
If it's too much, just do one measure at a
time, do hands alone,
do whatever you feel like you can do and
then add on from there.
So good luck on Sakura b.