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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level One Musical: Lesson 8

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This is habits level one,
musical lesson number eight.
So you've learned 16th century march
sections A and A1.
Keep practicing those this week.
Do them five times every day for a five
A week, practice week.
You'll do marking your exes when you play,
through marking it with a star when
you get all the steps up turn correctly in
one play through.
We're going to add on section B.
Section B is in measures nine through 12.
So let's start with the fingers of section
The fingers are pretty easy cuz they're
very repetitive in both hands.
So let's look at, first at left hand.
Starts with fingers one
and five on G and D.
And now you're just going to move that
down using the same fingers.
So we'll do one [NOISE] and five.
Move down.
One and five.
Move down to these black keys.
One and five.
Move down.
One and five.
So try that.
One and five, move down.
One and five, move down.
One and five.
Right hand's also very repetitive.
You're gonna start with,
finger four on D.
And, you're going to play four, three,
Now again, four, three, two, moving down.
Four, three,
two, now moving up going backwards, two,
three, four.
Okay, that's pretty simple.
Now expression, is of course the hardest
left hand's is pretty easy,
its just playing the notes, don't worry
about anything.
We'll play it.
MF is marked in the music which means,
mezzoforte, so medium-loud.
But right hand has a lot of these drop
floats, so let's look at the right hand.
It goes [MUSIC] drop and float.
Drop and float.
Drop and float.
Drop and float.
So you're gonna wanna feel really
heavy on those drops.
Heavy, light.
Really listen and hear if you're going.
Hear that.
I'm poking out the last note.
You don't wanna do that.
You wanna feel really heavy and really
This will be used all over
your music from now until the rest of the
time you play piano, so.
If you get that feeling, you're home free.
So drop float on all of those.
The rhythm, pretty straightforward.
It goes fast, fast, wait.
Fast, fast, wait.
Fast, fast, wait.
Fast, fast, wait.
The rhythm's the same
in every single pattern.
And then the notes, let's go through it.
Left hand.
[SOUND] G and d.
Shift down.
[SOUND] F c.
Shift down.
[SOUND] e flat b flat.
Shift down.
[SOUND] A d.
Right hand starting on d.
Get that second finger ready on the black
D, C, B-flat.
Shift down.
Now starting on C.
C, B-flat A.
Now starting on B-flat.
B-flat, A, G.
Going back up and starting finger two on
A, B-flat, C.
This is a really good one to practice
hands alone a lot.
Because this right hand to do the drop
floats so quickly.
This is really advanced.
Now you're doing it already which is
You need to focus on just the right hand
So even if you practice the whole week,
just your right hand alone.
You're fine.
It's better that you get that
feeling in your wrist.
You gonna have a lot easier time getting
the whole
thing great if you take that extra time to
get the feeling correct.
Instead of playing it with the straight
wrist or really loud at the last note.
So take your time.
If you wanna send me a new video to check
if you get all the drop floats in a row.
I would love to see it to see how you are
doing on this technique.
It's really advanced, I'm really proud of
Keep working hard, it will pay off.