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Piano Lessons: Level One Muscular: Lesson 1

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is Peery habits level 1, muscular lesson
So this is your very first muscular
And in the muscular lessons,
we're going to learn how to develop our
piano muscles and use our fingers.
But, before we do that, we've got to first
learn about the keyboard and
the notes on the keyboard.
So the hands are going to rest and
we're going to learn about the keyboard
this week in your lesson.
To learn the names of the notes, you're
going to use this worksheet and
it can be found online.
So you'll get this and print it out and it
tells the story about keyboard street.
So each member of keyboard street is a
different key and
it's a different character.
So by learning about these characters it's
going to help you remember the names of
the notes, and be able to the, any key all
over the piano keyboard with no trouble.
The music alphabet is actually
the same alphabet we use for letters.
So the music alphabet goes a, b, c, d, e,
f, g.
Now if you're really smart you might
figure out
that the very bottom note the one on the
far left is an a.
So a lot of kids when they're starting
they learn the names of the notes by just
counting up.
A, b, c.
But your not going to do that.
That will be a big cheating mess.
So, your going to learn the names,
of the notes from the worksheet on
keyboard street.
So please read through the story, get to
know the characters, and
then draw the pictures of the characters
on these big keys, on the worksheet.
Put a complete sticker on your practice
chart and
mark it out when you've finished your