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Piano Lessons: Level One Muscular: Lesson 2

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Level one.
Muscular lesson two.
So last lesson we learned about Keyboard
Street and B and
the note family that lives on Keyboard
So this week we're gonna go all around the
neighborhood on the piano and
find B and the note family all over the
This worksheet will tell you just what to
do, and it's available online.
So let's talk a little bit about it.
It tells each one, each step of the way
what you're going to do,
and as you do each step, I want you to
cross that circle out, or
you can fill it in, or you can draw a
picture around it.
However you want to do it is fine, just
make sure you mark it so
that you can really see when you've
completed all of the steps.
So a couple things you need to know before
you can do this worksheet.
So let's look at the keyboard.
The keyboard goes from left to right, but
oddly enough,
we're used to up and down going up and
But on the keyboard up goes to the right
down goes to the left.
So if we listen to these notes way up here
on the right.
Do those sound like they're high like
a bird, or low like a bear?
If you're saying bear,
you're just being smart cuz you know it
sounds like a bird.
Okay, so.
[SOUND] These are high like a bird.
So when we're playing up near the right
part of the keyboard those are high
like a bird.
And now listen to this.
that sound high like a bird or low like a
This sounds low like a bear.
So our low sounds are here.
Our high sounds are here on the right
So if you forget what's high or low, the
easiest way is just to play the keys.
Bird, high.
Bear, low.
So on your worksheet, the first one says
play from high to low all of baby C.
So last week we remember that baby C is
the one by the group of two
black keys just to the left.
So we find our baby C, a nice high one.
Yep, I'm in the right place.
That's high like a bird.
And now we're going to move finding all
the Cs going from high to low,
going down the keyboard.
I did that pretty fast.
I wonder if you could do it faster than I
I don't know.
I was pretty quick.
After I finish that first one, I'm gonna
mark it.
I'm really a tidy person, so for me, I
like to mark it, just fill it in.
I think that looks great.
And then I would continue down and do the
whole worksheet.
And when you're finished that, you're
finished with lesson number two,
and you're ready to go on to lesson number