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Piano Lessons: Level One Muscular: Lesson 3

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is Peery habits level 1, muscular lesson
number 3.
So last week you went all over the
keyboard playing the different notes,
high, low, and even some middle ones as
This week we're going to start using our
fingers in a certain way.
So before we start playing with our
we need to learn how the fingers are
numbered when we play the piano.
So to do this, you have a worksheet you
can get online, and
the first one looks like this, and it's
called Right Hand Finger Numbers.
And what I want you to do,
is you'll have a handy helper, maybe your
practice partner, maybe your mom or
your dad, you'll stick your hand in this
white shape.
And your handy practice partner will come
around and trace through your hand.
For today, I'm my own practice partner.
You're gonna be able to tell by my awesome
So at the end you have this, the shape of
your hand.
Now when we play the piano,
our thumb, it's always finger number one,
and we just count up from there.
So, if this is finger number one, what do
you think this finger is?
If you said two, you are correct.
And, if this is finger number two, what do
you think this finger is?
And then we go on to finger four, then we
go on to.
Did you say it before I am?
That's right.
So one, two, three, four, five.
Always starting with your thumb.
If you remember to start with your thumb,
finger one, you've got it.
No problem.
So after you've looked at your hand and
drawn it, I want you to go through and
draw the finger numbers on your drawing.
So label that thumb with a one.
Then to the two, three, four and five.
When you're finished with that you
can go on to the next worksheet which is
also online.
And it's the left hand finger numbers.
So you'll draw it or have your practice
partner draw it.
I used to think this looked like a turkey.
You could draw a turkey face.
This would be the face and then a bunch of
After you draw your finger numbers you
could do that.
So where's our finger number one in the
left hand?
Wanna take a guess?
The thumb.
That's right.
The thumb again.
So, this is finger number one, then finger
number two, three, four, five.
Easy right?
See, you're gonna be great at the piano.
You're getting this so quickly.
So go ahead and draw in the finger
Two, three, four, five.
Okay, the last worksheet, you have three
worksheets in this lesson.
The last worksheet is, the finger number
And it's a lot like this keyboard streak
that you did where it mixed all
the names of the notes up, you had to play
it all over the piano.
That's what you're going to do with the
finger number mixup.
So, for example, this first one says touch
your nose with
right hand finger number two.
So, right hand, in case you don't know
this already,
the right hand is the one to this side of
your body.
Sometimes people find the left hand makes
an l, if you know that.
And this, this can something that you're
going to take a while to learn if you
don't know it already.
But this is my right hand.
So if I'm facing you, it's this way.
This is my right hand.
So take right hand, finger number two.
And you're gonna touch your nose.
That was fantastic.
So now I'm gonna, color in my circle and
go down the list.
When I'm finished with this,
I'm gonna have my, complete sticker on my
practice chart.
Cross it out, and then I'm ready to move
on to lesson number 4.