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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level One Muscular: Lesson 10

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Habits level one, muscular lesson ten.
We're at metronome 80, and this week we're
going to skip between right
hand fingers four and five, left hand two
and one.
Muscle builders right hand.
[SOUND] Down curve relax, straight up.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax, straight up.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax, straight up.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax, skip straight
[SOUND] Down curve, relax, straight up.
[SOUND] This is pretty easy skip for right
[SOUND] Relax, straight up, down curve
relax straight up.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax, straight up.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax.
Keep your eye on the fifth finger.
[SOUND] And the second finger.
Those are the two that are most likely to
stay in the air.
They like [SOUND] Just kinda creep up
[SOUND] Make that relax that, make them
come back down,
even though we're gonna be lifting up
right away.
Relax, straight up,.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax, straight up.
Now the faster you can relax the better.
You might at this point be able to relax
immediately like I do.
[SOUND] So on my fingers already come down
[SOUND] That's your goal.
[SOUND] If your still here, just kep using
that relax step.
[SOUND] That's why we have three ticks, so
if you need that extra tick to relax.
[SOUND] That's fine.
You're doing a great job, that's exactly
what's to be expected on habits level one.
It's not until level three that we
really want you down on the keys
So, if you can do it already, you're well
[SOUND] Keep going up until thumb is on
high C.
Left hand, we're going to skip to between
two and one.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax, straight up.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax, straight up.
[SOUND] Make sure your wrist is level.
[SOUND] Relax, skip, straight up.
[SOUND] There's a really good one in left
handed practice that second finger,
finger two nice and strong.
[SOUND] Relax, straight up.
[SOUND] Relax, straight up.
[SOUND] Make sure you stay curved while
you lift.
[SOUND] You see I'm not going in like this
when I lift.
Straight up, down curve.
[SOUND] No bending in.
[SOUND] No wobbling around.
[SOUND] No thumbs out.
[SOUND] Relax, right on the on the tippy
[SOUND] Fourth finger is often the hardest
one to play on the point.
[SOUND] So really exaggerate and curl it
in more towards the palm of your hand.
[SOUND] I'll show you when I get here.
[SOUND] Down curve, relax here.
[SOUND] Here comes finger four.
[SOUND] See, I'm really playing it here on
my fingernail.
[SOUND] So, it gets used to that feeling
of being curved.
Continue on until C.
And here's power fingers skipping between
four and five.
Should look like you're hardly playing.
Fingers stay so close to the keys.
All the way till you get to C.
Left hand skipping between two and one.
[SOUND] This is our easiest skip, the two
to one.
Cuz we have the biggest natural space
between our two and one.
[SOUND] So, it doesn't feel that much of a
[SOUND] It's good practice for our two
on your practice chart this week you're
going to want to write,
muscle builders metronome 80, right hand,
skipping between four and five.
Muscle builders left hand, metronome 80,
skipping between two and one.
Power fingers, right hand, same skips,
same speed.
Power fingers left hand, same skips, two
and one, same speed, metronome 80.
Now, the exciting news, this is our last
lesson in habits level one.
So, this would be a great time, when
you've perfected this exercise and
have practiced it for the week, to send in
another video.