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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level One Practical: Lesson 3

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This is level one, practical lesson three.
This week, your assignment is to do page
13, and 15, in the LNM 1A Celebrate Piano
For page 12, do that piece, one time,
every day.
For page 13, it gives you the chance to
compose your own piece, so
read the instructions, draw a picture, and
make up great animal sounds.
For page 15 play through that piece, Ants
Go Marching, one time, every day.
Okay, now student, time for you to leave
the room,
you can come back in a week, when you've
finished all five days of your practicing.
And practice partner, if you want a little
heads up for this week,
you can stay and listen.
Otherwise, just come back at the end of
the week and check there as well.
So, let's start with page 12, black key
finger workout.
Right hand on two black keys.
We've learned now that the black filled-in
They call that as oh, on this page we have
the single note by itself.
So, this is the first time we've played in
the LNM, one note by itself,
instead of the two notes together like in
a cluster.
So, it will go like this: right hand, two
black keys, fingers three and two.
Ready, go.
Cluster, cluster,
2, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3.
I hear many students come back, at the end
of this week, and
play this piece like this.
Cluster, cluster, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, so you
go super fast on the single notes.
Make sure that we stay steady.
And keep the same beat throughout.
Here's number two.
Left hand.
Fingers two and three on two black keys.
Ready, go.
Cluster, cluster, 2,
3, 2, 3, 2, 3.
There's also an ear training game, at the
You can do that with your student, or I
will do that right now, and
they can fill that in.
So, if you want to bring them back in
right now, it's good or at a later time
during the week, as long as they complete
this sometime during the week.
So, student, welcome back.
I'm going to play either some low, middle,
high clusters, and I want you to circle on
page 12,
whether you hear low cluster, a middle
cluster, or a high cluster.
Okay so, close your eyes or, put your back
to the screen, so
you don't see what I am playing.
Just use your ears, okay, here is example
number one.
Circle whether you thought that was low,
middle, or high.
Here it is again.
The answer is, high.
Did you get it right?
Okay, high like a bird.
Number two, low, middle or high?
Here it is again.
The answer, low, like a bear.
Okay, number three.
Now, I tried to be tricky on that one,
cuz I bet you thought I was gonna do
middle, cuz I hadn't done middle yet.
But I did another high, so did you write
Okay, great, okay, student,
out of the room unless you've finished
five days of practice.
Parent, let's turn to page 15, and
let's do Ants Go Marching.
This one we're gonna start on the group of
Black keys, finger three on the further
right black key and
left hand finger three on that same black
And this piece is really a practice in
keeping a steady beat.
So, the first line is with the one black
Second line we're gonna go straight on and
add the two black keys.
And then the third line, we're going to
three black keys.
So, we're gonna play through this whole
When you play it with the duet,
the student will get a pause between each
verse, or each line.
So, right now I'll just give four beats
between each one.
One, two, ready, go.
1, 2, 3, 4.
1, 2, 3, 4.
here it is with the duet, I will que you
when to come in, and when to stop.
But, just go though and keep playing line
one, until I tell you to stop,
then you'll have a pause.
Line two.
So, this is the for the student, after
your finished,
you can play the duet with me.
Line two, I'll cue you when to come in.
Then you'll have a pause and get ready,
and I'll tell you when to start again.
So, I have a little intro.
We're gonna go one, da, about this speed.
Get ready.
One, two, ready, go.
Keep playing those single notes.
Keeping rolling.
Now break, get ready for two black keys.
One, two, ready, play.
Two black keys.
Keep playing two blacks.
get into position for three black keys.
One, two, ready, play.
Right, left, right, left.
Keeping a steady beat.
Right, left, right, left, right, left.
Great job.