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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level One Practical: Lesson 7

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Peery Habits, Level 1.
Practical Lesson Number 7.
We're working out of our L and M 1,
Celebrate Piano book again, this week.
We're going to do pages 23, 24, 25, 26.
Also, sing the middle C song.
Let's hear it.
Able to match it?
See you're getting good at this.
So let's talk about page 23,
that's going to be practiced five days,
five times every day.
Marking it with xs and stars.
Page 24, I'm going to do with you.
So you don't need to write that on your
practice chart, we'll do this together.
And page 25, that's another composition
that you get
to make up whatever sounds you want.
I would love to have you send in a video
to me of some of these,
compositions that you do.
And, and hear the kind of music you're
making up.
That's always really fun for me, to hear
what you're doing.
Page 26, you're going to do a five time
per day on your chart.
So, five days per week, and five times
Marking with X's and stars.
So before you leave student.
Let's have, you turn back to page 24, L
and M.
And we're gonna do some ear drills.
So gonna see how well your ears are
The first one's called Hide and Seek
I'm going to play one of the two patterns
I'll either play this rhythmic pattern
right here or this one, for number one.
So I want you to circle whether you hear
me play this one or this one.
So turn away from the piano so
that you don't see but that you're just
using your ears.
Do this with a pencil.
Here's number one.
One, two, ready go.
One, two, one, one.
Here it is again.
One, two, one one.
Which one was that?
If you circled the top one, this one right
With the half note at the beginning, that
is correct.
Let's do number two.
Ready, go.
One, one, one, one.
Here it is again, one, one, one, one.
Okay, so, that answer was also.
This top one, all quarter notes, all one
Here's the last one.
Ready, go.
One, one, one, two.
Here it is again. [MUSIC] One, one, one,
And that one was this bottom one, okay?
How'd you do?
That's pretty tricky to hear those
You're doing a great job if you got them
all right.
Let's go to the Echo Game Clap Backs.
Okay, so you can look at me while we do
and I'm going to clap you a rhythmic
pattern, I'm gonna clap with my hands, and
then I want you to echo back and clap the
same thing.
And you can count out loud like I do.
So, here's the first one.
One, one, one, two.
Here it is again.
One, one, one, two.
Now your turn.
Go. Great. Okay.
Here's the second one.
Ready, go.
One, two, one, one.
Here it is again.
One, two, one, one.
Okay now, it's your turn.
Ready, go.
Good, could you remember it?
We're testing our ear memory.
Our ear memory will get better as we do
these exercises.
Here's the last one, this one's the
Ready, go.
One, one, two, one.
Here it is again.
One, one, two, one.
Okay, it's your turn, ready go.
Great, okay, excellent.
And now, here's the last one.
It's called playback.
So, I'm gonna play something on the piano.
Don't look at this.
Now, turn away from the screen.
Get to a piano, but then you're going to
play the same thing that you hear.
So, I'm on the three black keys.
Okay, and.
I'm always going to start with this lowest
So the one where my finger two and right
hand is,
so that at least you know where I'm
So now turn around.
Don't look what I'm playing.
And here we go.
Here it is again.
Kay now.
You try to remember it starts on this key.
Did you do it?
Let's try another one.
Okay now you try that.
Did you get it?
Went up [NOISE] and then back down
That was a little bit tricky.
Here's the last one.
Turn around, don't look.
Here it is again.
What do the notes do?
Okay, come and play it.
Starts on that same key.
Give it a try.
That one started with a repeated note
and then went up.
Did you get it?
If you keep practicing with your ears,
they'll get better and better.
Pretty soon you'll be able to play
anything by ear.
Okay, but student that's enough for you so
you need to leave the room until you've
finished practicing your five days and
then you can come back.
Okay, so here are all of the examples of
the pieces starting with page 23,
Boogie Down.
Right had two black keys.
Left hand three black keys.
One, two, one, two, one, one, one, two,
one, two, one, two, one, one, one, two.
So you see that arrow means that I move
down to the next
set of two black keys and three black
There's also a little box on this one that
says to transpose it, so
if you want to try and play it on the
white keys, here's the position you'd use.
And you can do the same piece on the white
Here's the duet though and
it goes with the three black, on the black
One, two, ready, go.
You have to keep really steady
on that one.
Okay, and let's go to page 26, Hot Cross
This is a favorite.
We're still on the black keys.
Right hand, three black keys.
Left hand, three black keys.
One, two, ready, go.
I hope you remembered to
count on that one, cuz I did not count out
So I hope you remembered.
Okay, here's the duet.
One, two, ready, go
Alright, that's it for this week.
See you next time.