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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level One Practical: Certification

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how you can certify in the Peery Habits
Is now, it's time to send me a video.
And the, the way that you'll certify in
the practical part of
Habits Level 1 is I need a video with you
playing ten, of these pieces.
Anywhere that, any of the ones you just
So, it's pages one through 35 in your L&M
or any pieces from solos,
units one and two.
Playing pieces so of course written work.
It doesn't count towards it so when I hear
you play and
I need ten pieces and the criteria to
become certified,
Peery certified is you need to play all
the pieces in a fluent manner,
meaning no pauses or the beat has to be
kept really steady as if you're
playing with a metrum or as if somebody
who're singing along with you.
So it'd be easy for you to play or sing
No pausing, no stops, okay?
The notes need to play accurately.
If you make a little mistake, that's fine.
On the practical that doesn't matter.
But if you make so many mistakes that it
becomes distracting or stops
the flow of the piece or I can't recognize
the piece anymore, then that's a problem.
So make sure that they're played
accurately so
like, so that it's not distracting to the
flow and
then the eyes have to be kept on the
music, not on the hands.
So this is what I wanna see.
I wanna see a shot of where I can.
From the side where I can see where your
eyes are and
that they're not down here but that for
every piece, your eyes are on the music.
If I can, if you can send me in a video
with ten of those pieces like that,
then you'll become certified in practical
level one.
So good luck, and I look forward to seeing
your videos.