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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: How to Practice Players: Practical

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to practice the Players assignments in the
Practical category.
Each Practical level,
has a list of materials as well as a list
of certification.
You want to go through these lists first,
before you start any of your work on the
practical assignments.
So these lessons are pretty flexible.
So the first thing you'll wanna do is look
at the certification and
what sorts of things I'm looking for you
to accomplish by the end of each level.
Then you'll want to go through the list of
materials and decide which of those things
you want to accomplish and certify in, or
just are interested in learning.
So practical assignments will include
things like sight reading, duet playing,
fake book, jazz, you can do all of them
that are listed in each level,
or just pick the ones that you're most
interested in.
Most of the books that you'll be
purchasing are really self explanatory and
even come with supplementary materials
like CDs and things like that.
So for this reason, I'm not posting
examples of me playing every
single practical assignment that you're
going to do.
They're very self-explanatory, these
books, and you can go just by reading them
and using the materials that come with the
books, you'll be able to figure out how to
do the different assignments and the
different pages in the book.
You'll also be able to learn more about
the assignments by watching
other student videos, so the practical
category and players is,
is really flexible so there's not just one
way to do it correctly.
This is very different than muscular and
musical where you really have to do it
a certain way, and make sure your wrist is
this way, and your thumb is this way, and
watch this dynamic and everything.
But the practical is just really playing
and, and playing however you want and get,
it gives you some creativity and freedom.
So you could watch other students' videos
and see what they're doing with
the practical assignments, and maybe this
will give you some ideas for yourself.
I have posted a lesson plan for each
So if you want a week by week kind of
organization of what to be doing,
you can follow that.
Or, like I said, just pick and choose and
go through the materials that you're
interested in, at the pace that you want.
So, within the practical category, you can
send in a video when you're trying
to certify, so, when you've met those
certification requirements, so,
when you've finished a book, and
it says, for example, send in five fake
book pieces, send in a video for that.
Or, if you have questions along the way,
or if you just have done something in your
practical assignments, in a piece then you
want to share it with, with somebody else.
Remember, this one, we can, we can have a
lot of flexibility and creativity.
So if you come up with something really
great, just post it and
share it with other students so they can
get some ideas from what you're doing.
Have fun in the practical category and
post videos as you go,
because I'd love to see, you know, what
you're doing with your, sight reading and
with your jazz improv and things like
So, get going on those practical