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Piano Lessons: Formula Pattern Scales

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level two we have a new item, which is
formula pattern.
The formula pattern is a really fun way to
play your scale.
It combines playing your scale with the
hands going the same way.
That's called parallel motion.
With the contrary motion that we learned
in level one where
our hands go opposite directions.
So we do part of the scale with the hands
going the same direction and
part of the scale with the hands going
opposite directions.
So let me walk you through it so
you know how to do your formula pattern
now that you're on level two.
So we have the formula pattern, it's gonna
be in C major.
And we start with just a regular hands
together scale.
So we go up hands together for one octave.
Now on this C,
we're going to have the right hand keep
going all the way up into the octave.
So I'll put our one on C.
So let me show you again.
So my thumbs will meet in the middle.
Now when our thumbs meet in the middle
they wanna go opposite directions.
So, now we go contrary, out, back in.
Thumbs meet in the middle.
This time we're going to keep going up the
next octave.
Come down together,
thumbs meet in the middle.
Here they go apart.
Back together.
Thumbs meet in the middle.
And we finish the scale by going back
So we end up doing a two octave scale but
every time we meet in the middle,
you're gonna go apart.
So I'll do it again and just without the
pauses this time.
So, together.
Thumbs in the middle apart.
Out, back in.
Up for the two octaves,
down together, thumbs in the middle,
out, back in and down together.
That's a two octave formula pattern.