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Piano Lessons: Peery Essential Habits Level Two Explained

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Peery Essential Habits Level 2 includes
three categories, the muscular, practical
and musical.
In the muscular, we're working on
repeating the form and
exercises that we learned in Essential
Habits 1.
So if you've Peery certified in Essential
Habits 1,
it's great that you're in Essential Habits
However, if you have not certified in
Essential Habits 1,
it really is important that you go back to
Habits 1 and
learn from Lesson 5 on the exercise and
practice it hands alone,
because in Essential Habits 2, we're
learning to exercise hands together.
You don't wanna start with it hands
You do wanna start with it hands alone.
So we're really building on the habits we
started in Level 1.
In practical, we're continuing on learning
our sight reading skills and ear training.
We're also introducing two new elements
into reading music.
The staff book, where we're learning to
read inter music by intervals.
Which is one note's distance away from
another note, and through flash cards.
So, being able to recognize the names of
the note on the staff quickly, and
place them on the keyboard.
And in musical we're going onto three new
pieces, and
we're going to learn all sorts of new
musical techniques using our wrists and
different attacks, staccatos, and legato
playing, new dynamics.
So we're gonna have a lot of fun with our
musical pieces and our musical details.