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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Musical: Lesson 1

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is Peery Habits, Level two, Musical Lesson
number one.
Okay, so
you're ready to start your first new
musical piece in Peery Habits Level two.
So, the first musical piece we're
learning, is Aura Lee.
Which is found in the LNM 1B book.
So, here it is.
It looks just like our 1A book, but we're
doing practical out of 1A
still ,and then we'll learn this first
musical piece, out of 1B.
And it's on page 73.
Okay, so, every time we learn, start
learning a new musical piece,
do you remember how we practice it?
We do a special thing for our five times
that day.
Okay, did you say FERN?
Very good.
Okay, so use our good friend FERN.
Can you remember what the letters in FERN
stand for?
So, the F stands for fingers, or
So, we make sure that our hand position is
correct, that our fingers are curved,
thumbs on the key are under, and
also that we're playing with the correct
finger numbers.
The E in FERN stand for?
Okay, we are going to learn a new musical
expression in Aura Lee.
We'll talk about that in just a second.
The R in FERN stands for?
So, that make sure we're keeping on beat,
and holding long notes as long
as they need to be, and keeping very
steady, on all of our quarter notes.
And then the N, the final letter?
Okay, great.
So, that's when we make sure we're playing
the notes correctly.
So, this week we're going to learn line
one of Aura Lee.
And you can look at the music, but you'll
probably learn it faster,
if you can just memorize it, and listen to
it a lot, and do it a lot by ear.
But whatever way you learn it fastest, is
So, we're going to learn line one, using
So, let's just go through all the FERN
So, fingers.
Right hand's going to start on middle C.
Left hand's going to start on F with
finger five.
And then the other note that left hand's
going to play pretty soon is this B flat.
So, you're gonna wanna put your second
on this black key right here, just to get
Okay, it starts with playing hands
But I'm just going to show it to you hands
alone for the fingers.
So, here's the right hand first.
Goes 1, 4, 3,
4, 5, 2, 5.
4, 3, 2, 3, 4.
That tune might sound familiar, especially
if you're an Elvis fan.
Okay, here's the left hand.
Left hand doesn't have as many notes, but
there's something that's trickier
about the left hand, that we'll talk about
in a second.
So, here's finger five.
Then it's going to go to finger two.
Then lastly, to finger three.
Do you see how my thumb is under the whole
time, and I'm playing very curved.
Make sure you do that too.
Okay, here's the expression when you're
So, this, in we're going to learn how to
keep our one hand down playing smooth,
while the other hand does a lift.
So, the hand that's going to be playing
smoothly is the right hand.
And the left hand's going to be lifting
off and coming back down to play.
So, I'll show you where this happens.
Right there's our magic note.
Finger five G.
Your left hand's going to come up.
That's how you're going to practice your
expression this week.
Let me show you again.
You see,
my right hand's still down, but my left
hand came up.
Okay, so I'm going to do it again, but go
on, so you can see what to do right after.
Now here's another magic note.
So, there are two magic notes on line one.
You wanna circle them in your music, so
you can remember.
The first one is right here.
That's when your left hand is going to
lift off.
The second one is right here, that's the
next note,
your left hand is going to lift off.
So, your right hand needs to be playing
smoothly that whole time.
That's our big new musical expression
trick we learn, in.
So, let me go through the first line,
showing you both of our magic notes.
Here we go.
And then off.
You can't do it any sooner, or any later.
Now let's work on our rhythm.
Ready go.
1,1, 1, 1, 1, 1,
1,1, 2, 1, 1, 1,
1, 1, 2, 1, 2.
If you're doing the expression in the
right places,
the rhythm kind of takes play in the left
That's why I was just counting the right
Last, you'll practice for notes.
So, here are the notes in the right hand,
I'll play these hands alone.
Right hand starts on C.
C, F, E, F,
G, D, G.
F, E,
D, E, F.
With a couple of exceptions and these big
skips like the.
Big fourth that we start out with,
and a fourth here.
You should be able to sight read almost
all the rest of the notes,
c uz they're just steps going down and up.
So, you can try looking at the music if
you forget.
It just starts with that one to four, and
then from there you should be okay.
Let's look at the left hand.
Left hand starts on F.
Then it lifts, and
we'll land on this B flat.
We'll lift again, and land on the A.
after you make sure all of your notes are
you can cross the N off on your chart.
And then what's the last thing we do with
We play through the piece one more time,
we mark off all the different parts of
FERN that we did perfectly.
By the end of the week, you should be able
to get all F-E-R-N, marked off in one try.
That's your goal.
So, practice FERN, everyday, line one.
Five days this week.
If you want to send me in a video this
week it would be great, so
I can see your mu, new musical technique.
And work hard on and I look forward to
hearing you.