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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Musical: Lesson 2

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is Peery habits level 2, musical lesson
number 2.
So you've learned the first line of Aura
You practiced with Fern.
And now we're going to learn the second
line of Aura Lee.
So this week on your practice chart,
practice line one five times per day,
marking with x's and stars.
Write a star when you are able to play the
entire line with all Fern items included.
And then line two you're going to practice
using Fern.
So let's go over line two.
Line two's gonna be a piece of cake if you
got really great at line one last week.
It's very close to line one.
So let's go through the fingers of line
And actually the fingers are exactly the
we add one extra note on the right hand.
Let's take a look.
So it starts on one, on middle C.
Here we go, one, four, three,
four, five, two, five, five.
There's your extra note.
Four, three, two, three, four.
So instead of holding the five we were
gonna play two fives.
Five, five.
Let's take a look at left hand.
Left hand starts very close to line one as
So it starts on the F with finger five.
Here we go. Five. Now instead of playing
this B flat,
we're going to play B natural.
Still with finger two.
And then at the end we're playing both one
and five together.
[SOUND] We're going to play this fifth
like we did a lot in a 16th century march.
Now let's go on to expression.
We have a couple of magic notes in line
two, where
our left hands going to lift off.
It's really a good idea to circle them.
So line two, this first note here, the
left hand lift off,
that's one of our magic notes, and this
one here.
Our second magic note.
And if you notice,
it's exactly the same as in line one.
So if you practiced your expression very
carefully last week,
it's like a vacation this week.
You're gonna have no problem.
It's like an Aura Lee party, really.
So, let's try it.
Expression, ready, go.
There's our expression.
Now, if you're having trouble doing this,
it's very tricky.
I can do it right away because I've been
practicing for my whole life.
But it might take a little bit of work, so
the answer always in piano,
is if somethings tricky you just do a
small amount.
So, for example, on this piece,
just start right there and stop.
Don't go on.
In fact sometimes, I have some of my
students wave at me on this note.
Because we have to get used to this hand
coming off before we go out and
get right back to this note.
And just stop there.
That's enough for that day.
If you learn to lift right then, perfect.
Tomorrow you can add one more note.
Then the next day you can try and get to
the next magic note, or
just stop there again.
It's more important that your muscles
learn this.
And then it will just kick in one day.
So just stop with what you can do.
Okay, for the rhythm, it's just like right
line one, except we have that extra note.
Let's hear it.
I'll count the right hand.
Ready go.
One, one, one, one, one.
One, one, one, one, one, one, one, one,
two, one, two.
And the notes are just the same.
Just that B natural changes.
Lets go through and name right hand notes.
Ready, go.
C, F, E, F, G, D, G,
G, F, E, D, E, F.
And the left hand we're starting with F.
Ready, go.
F, then it goes to B, natural.
Then here's our little change in left
Also, the end.
The fifth.
So practice line one five times every day,
and line two Fern.
After five days you should be ready to go
on to musical number 3.