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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Musical: Lesson 6

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This is Peery Habit's Level two musical
lesson number six.
So, you've sent in your video for Aura
Lee, done a great job on that, and now,
you're ready to start your next musical
piece, which is called Halloween Pranks.
Halloween pranks is found in the same book
that we 16th century march and
Sakura are in.
So it's the celebration series
The preparator, the preparatory level, and
Halloween pranks is on page 5.
So this week on your practice chart,
you're going to write that you're going to
learn all A sections of Halloween Pranks.
And guess how you're going to practice it?
FERN, right?
FERN that's gonna help us play really
And this piece is very exciting.
So the A sections.
A is measures one and two.
A1 measures three and four.
So A and A1 cover the whole first line.
A2 is measures nine and ten.
And then we have A again 11 and 12.
So just learning the A sections will cover
two full lines in Halloween Pranks.
Does that make you a little bit nervous?
That sounds like a lot, right?
But wait, you'll see, it's, it's very
You're gonna be great on this.
Okay, so let's go through our FERN steps.
This is how you should practice.
So first we're going to focus on the F,
which is fingers, and
also make sure that we're playing with the
correct fingers,
playing them firmly on our tips, no thumbs
sticking out.
So let's take a look at left hand.
Let hand's going to start on the three
black key group right here.
With two, three, and four.
We do this a lot in our L&M 1A book,
right, so you're very used to this.
The only difference is we're gonna
spread out our thumb and play it on this.
Black key of the two, of a two black key
And that's actually how it starts, so
we're gonna use fingers four, three, two,
Now, right hand's gonna set up on the two
black keys,
and it's going to use fingers two and
So the first two notes in right hand are
And two.
Now that was section a.
So let me go through it again.
Putting my hands together.
So it's four, three, two, one, three, two.
Now here's section a one.
You just take the same position and move
it up to the next group.
And play it again.
Let's do it.
Fingers, four, three, two, one,
three, two.
Okay now let's look at a two.
We're gonna move it back, and then back
down even one more.
Here's a two.
Four, three, two, one, three, two.
And then we go back to A, which was set up
right here by middle C.
Play with me.
Ready, go.
Four, three, two, one, three, two.
Simple, right?
So it's just really that one pattern.
You're gonna repeat it here.
All the way down here.
And then back up to normal.
You think always the same fingers.
Let's talk about our expression.
In Halloween pranks.
We are going to use a lot of our pop
wrists, just like we did in
16th Century March.
So we're gonna be popping that wrist up.
Let me show you where it is in Halloween
Pranks, starting section A.
So every time my right hand plays,
the two right hand notes are going to be
popped up.
The other item of expression where we
really have to watch out for
in How Mean Pranks are the dynamics.
Do you remember what dynamics are?
It's when we play soft or loud.
So the first dynamic is an F.
Do you remember what that stands for?
Okay, the Italian word is forte, which
means loud.
So we're going to start off loud.
Let's try it.
Section A, loud.
With our pop wrists.
Pop, pop.
Now we're going to do A1.
And this one's marked MF.
Is that louder or softer than F, than
It's a little bit softer.
It's mezzo forte, which means kind of a
medium loud.
So just, I think of this as a small echo.
Let's try A1.
Ready, go.
A little bit softer.
Don't forget your pop wrist.
Remember fingers pointed down.
No claws coming up.
No elbows.
No shoulders.
If you haven't ever done pop wrist before
go back and
do 16th Century March from Level 1.
If you've done it, you're already an
You're fantastic.
'Kay let's do a 2 with our pop wrists.
a 2 is marked mp which means, mezzo piano,
or medium soft.
Let's do a 2 again, really softly.
Ready, go.
that's the softest part in the whole
So we do need to make sure that, that
stands out as being soft and
then back to a, which is mezzo forte.
Ready, go.
Pop, pop.
Does your paw fist look like mine?
Like a puppy dog ear?
Goose head?
Let's go on to rhythm.
We can count this now the really fancy way
of counting it would be.
one, and two and one and two and.
I think at level two you might be ready to
do this, so let's give it a try.
Say it with me as we play.
Ready, go.
One and two and one and two and.
Okay, so that rhythm isn't tricky, but
what is tricky is moving around all these
places without pausing.
So I'm gonna put A and A1 together and
your goal is to be able to play this just
with me.
No pausing when you do your rhythm on
Here we go.
Ready go.
And then starting with A2,
we're going to start here, and then these
two have to be with no pausing.
Ready, go.
Now a good way to practice that rhythm is
by turning on your metronome.
Hm, hm, hm.
120 is a great speed.
Let's try it one time, just section A, so
you can see how you would practice with
This is metronome 120.
Ready, go.
[SOUND] See, I gave two ticks a one, two.
One, two.
[SOUND] Or you can count one [SOUND] and
That will tell you for
sure if you're pausing.
If you get an extra tick in there, you
know you're pausing.
Last step in furnace notes.
Okay, to say all these notes, it's gonna
be crazy cuz it's all sharps.
So just make sure.
You know the notes great by now, we've
played them so many times.
So when you're doing your note part on
just make sure that you're playing all of
the notes correctly.
Staying on those groups of three black
keys and two black keys.
On the last time through every day, you're
going to mark off
what steps of FERN you did perfectly, all
in one play-through.
So practice Halloween Pranks, so lines one
and lines two.
I mean line one and line three, covering
all of your A sections.
Play that five times every day using FERN.
And then you'll be ready to go on to
musical number seven.