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30 Day Challenge
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Piano Lessons: Level Two Musical: Lesson 8

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is Peery Habits Level 2, Musical Lesson
Number 8.
All right, so on your practice chart this
you're going to practice all of the A
sections and Halloween pranks.
So you should do Sections A and B, five
times every day.
Marking your chart boxes with x's and
So you really know at this point lines one
two and three of Howling Pranks.
And that's what you should be practicing,
going straight through.
Combining all of those sections together,
and playing those five times every day.
And with your rhythm, when you're going
through at least one of the times,
you need to be playing with the metronome.
If you can start at metronome 120 but be
moving it up.
Cuz we have to go about twice that speed.
So if you want to start your metronome
practice right now, and
be moving it up for every practice for
every perfect play through.
And you can move it up one click every
time you play it perfectly.
And write your final daily time on your
chart, so
that you know where to start the next day.
Our new section and our last section of
Halloween Pranks,
put this on your chart as well, is Section
And you'll be practicing that FERN.
So let's go over FERN for section C.
Okay, Section C starts with left hand
right here on these two
black keys above middle C.
We were just out here, so left hand's
gonna cross over.
Right hand will already be here from
playing Section A.
So fingers will go two and three together.
Then right hand plays two and three
Left hand comes down and plays two and
three together.
Right hand again.
Then left hand plays two, three.
And then, here's this last chord.
Let me show you the fingers of this.
Right hand is one, two and four.
All together.
Left hand is fingers, well, in the book it
writes fingers one and two.
It would look like this.
I like two and four better.
It feels better for my hand.
So try both.
Here's one option.
Here's another.
You can do whichever feels more
comfortable for your hand.
Let's do that fingers really slowly all
the way through.
Okay expression.
We're going to play it very forte, very
And if you notice on that last note we
have that dash underneath.
That's the tenuto and on tenutos.
[SOUND] You push in to give it a little
bit extra sound.
So let's try it.
Playing really loudly and then pushing in
on our tenuto.
Also, remember do those big pop wrists.
This line is our grand finale.
And we want those wrists to be grand.
Very dramatic.
Here we go.
One way you can practice those pop wrists
is to make sure that the wrists come at
least as high as this part on your key, on
your piano.
So let's see if mine do.
You see there?
And I freeze.
Otherwise, our wrists might stay too low.
Ooh, mine even went higher.
The rhythm on this line is super easy.
Quarter notes and half notes.
Let's count.
Ready, go.
One, one, one, one, one, one, one, two.
And notes, again, we're always on the
sharps on this piece.
So, I think you know your notes.
Just make sure when you're practicing,
that you get your notes perfectly.
Even if you're pausing.
To get this last chord.
This is the hardest part for notes is to
get our hands in this position [SOUND] For
the last chord.
So when your practicing your end don't
worry about rhythm,
just get those notes right.
Play the whole line without a single note
All right so work hard on Section C.
You know the entire Halloween pranks.
And I look forward to hearing you soon on
I'll be calling for a video soon.
So, practice hard on the entire piece and
good luck this week.